Are Aquarius Men & Pisces Women Compatible?

Pisces are often defined as old souls, and Aquarians? Well… quite the opposite. Those born under the water bearer sign are considered flesh and bone auguries, futuristic beings born to stimulate progress.

So, does this temporal binary opposition mean the love of an Aquarius man and a Pisces woman just isn’t meant to be? Let’s discuss the matter in more detail! 

What Does The Aquarius Man Value In The Pisces Woman?

Her creative flair

Queen of dreams, the Pisces woman lives a double life split between the tangible world and the worlds she coaxes up in her imagination.

In her art, we see a convergence of these realms, and it’s nothing short of breathtaking.

Any artistic endeavor she applies herself to, she excels at, bringing not just technical ability to the table but originality of thought as well.

When she sings, paints, draws, writes, plays an instrument, plays Minecraft… whatever, it’s as if she’s channeling ideas from a supernatural place.

Her Aquarius man is something of an artist as well, but his art is much more intellectual and conceptual, whereas hers is abstract. A lover of all things new, he marvels at her effortless originality.

Her healthy disdain for materialism

Our Pisces lady is spiritually motivated and doesn’t give a hoot about materialism.

As long as she has the tools she needs to express herself, she’s content. Anything beyond these essentials is just clutter to her — Good luck buying presents for this gal, Aquarius!

Her Aquarian partner has a similar aversion to materialism, but for a totally different reason.

For the water bearer, materialism is a roadblock on the path to a better world, a corrupting presence that transforms living, breathing people into mindless drones.

Motivation aside, they can form strong, principled alliances over their shared enemy.

She is wonderfully generous

Aquarians are selfless almost to the point of martyrdom, and while Pisces aren’t quite as devoted to the cause, their incredible generosity doesn’t go unnoticed.

The Aquarian man is enamored by his Pisces partner’s willingness to sacrifice her own happiness for the happiness of others.

She doesn’t care for the mundane

With a pleasantly loose grip on reality, our female Pisces cares not for the mundane — When you have magic coursing through your veins, it’s difficult to make space in your life for the dusting!

Much like her, the Aquarius man is often referred to as a dreamer, a consummate logician, but a dreamer nonetheless.

He’s hardwired to reject the commonplace and delve into the extraordinary, something he and his partner have in common.

What Does The Aquarius Man Dislike In The Pisces Woman?

She’s a veritable well of emotion

Pisces are troubled souls — Poor little fishies.

They swim in an ocean of emotionality, tossed this way and that by waves of opposing emotions, a between-places disposition hinted at by the twin fish of their sign, both headed in different directions.

If you need to vent to someone about your feelings, Pisces offers the perfect shoulder to cry on, as they’re well acquainted with all emotions and will react with true empathy, listening to your every word.

In fact, they’re so in tune with the emotions of others, they’ll likely shed a tear or two (or several) as you tell them your story.

However, for someone who’d rather pretend they don’t have feelings at all (that’s you, Aquarius!), the proximity of Pisces to emotion is hard to cope with.

Too much expressed emotion or erratic mood-shifting in a relationship is a real bummer for the Aquarian man.

She isn’t naturally driven

One of the ways in which an Aquarius man and Pisces woman are great together is that his immense energy rubs off on her.

In the absence of such inspiration, she finds it all too easy to stay in bed all day, seeking refuge beneath her cozy blanket, something that Aquarius just isn’t down with. 

He’s an idea man, a real go-getter with a frantic (but brilliant) mind and a desire to live life on the edge, pushing boundaries and sticking it to the man. 

Even though he can see he has an energizing influence on his Pisces partner, he’s none too happy that she has very little natural drive, as this means that she’s probably not going to be able to keep up with his sporadic nature long-term.

She’s an old-fashioned romantic

Mushy emotions, especially those rooted in tradition, are barf city for Aquarians.

They can’t help but feel vulnerable when forced to reveal deep feelings, so they tend to be quite aloof individuals.

Pisces, on the other hand, are quite fond of getting cutesy-wootsy with their partners, and can even become emotionally dependent on them.

Sadly, our Aquarius man isn’t going to be able to support a dependent where feelings are concerned, which will inevitably lead them both to question the longevity of their union.

What Does The Pisces Woman Value In The Aquarius Man?

His artistry

There’s nothing more attractive to our female Pisces than artistry and creative energy, and her Aquarius man has it coming out of his ears. 

As mentioned earlier, they have distinct artistic approaches, but the difference between his and her own work fascinates her no end. They may even collaborate from time to time in order to merge her emotionality with his intellectualism in a single project.

His deathless get-up-and-go

As someone who struggles with ambition, the Pisces woman is dumbfounded by her partner’s drive.

Both community- and profession-oriented, he’s a high achiever in and out of the workplace, and it makes her want to be a bit more active in the waking world.

She’ll never completely abandon her own dreamy reality, but she understands it can’t hurt to be more present and try to have more of an impact in the corporeal realm.

He is faithful and honest

Our Pisces woman has BIG time feels, all the time! Even on a good day, undertows of sadness run quite close to the surface, so when she’s having a bad day, she’s completely consumed by the blues.

Say, for instance, her partner betrays her… game over, man; she isn’t gonna leave bed for a week, minimum!

Thankfully, though, her Aquarius man would never cheat on her or lie to her.

Honesty is one of the fundamental pillars of his personality. To be dishonest would contradict his deepest sense of self, and she finds a great deal of comfort in this.

I mean, she’s still going to cry at the drop of a hat, but that’s just Pisces being Pisces — Water signs be weepin’ folks!

What Does The Pisces Woman Dislike In The Aquarius Man?

He’s noncommittal

Pisces is an all-or-nothing kind of sign, forming a stark contrast with Aquarius’s cool detachment and love of freedom. 

Our piscine princess feels love should be nourished and that such an endeavor takes commitment, which is why she seeks to label relationships sooner rather than later… a surefire way to send a water bearer bearing their water elsewhere.

Aquarius are the certified gamophobes of the zodiac, meaning they fear making commitments.

They need time to warm to the idea of forfeiting some of their freedoms, and will only do so if they feel they are genuinely in love.

He’s not very romantic

Pisces may find it hard to keep up with Aquarius’s relentless energy, but Aquarius doesn’t stand any chance of matching Pisces’ romantic energy.

Again, he’s a distant, avoidant person, while she’s quite confronting, especially where emotions are concerned.

She doesn’t need big romantic gestures to feel loved, but the small ones, such as the whispering of sweet nothings in her ear, nice long smooches, or big heartfelt hugs are her lifeblood.

These sweet moments sustain her, and without them, she may not be able to summon the energy to keep the relationship alive.

He’s too logical

As Pisces is the most mystical of all the star signs, our witchy woman is particularly spiritual. She fundamentally disagrees with most aspects of modern organized religion, but she feels magic toiling beneath the rational world. 

She is a font of the ephemeral, channeling old-world energy and esoteric knowledge, giving her a shaman-esque quality that can either intrigue or unnerve others.

Now, Aquarius isn’t necessarily the antithesis of his Pisces lady, as he is interested and understands a great deal about spirituality around the world, but what he knows of these subjects he has learned from books.

His spiritual intrigue is purely intellectual in nature, which is to say he doesn’t really feel it in the same way his partner does.

The portal by which spirituality enters her life is her soul, while for him, it’s his mind.

Do Aquarius Men & Pisces Women Have Good Sexual Chemistry?

Sexual Chemistry Score: 8/10

The male Aquarius and female Pisces have a shocking amount of sexual chemistry considering how different they are.

Our Pisces woman likes to begin gently in the bedroom, but after some spicy encouragement from her anything-goes Aquarian lover, she’s ready to get wicked and wild!

She prefers positions with lots of skin to skin contact, as these feel the most affectionate without detracting from the fun and excitement of the moment.

This gives him a way of providing the tenderness he cannot express in day-to-day life, which makes sex extremely important for this pairing.

The Aquarius man doesn’t mind catering to this need between the sheets as long as they don’t fall into a routine, and as our Pisces woman also hates falling into ruts in the bedroom, this couple is endlessly chasing sexual horizons.

Perhaps the most original signs on that big old wheel in the sky, they’re able to channel their creative energy into jumping one another’s bones in the most extraordinary ways, but before they get to the main event… the warm-up!

Pisces are big into foreplay, which our Aquarius is something of a master at.

Anything that prolongs a sexual adventure is a plus in his book, so, over the years, he has applied his gleaming intellectual mind to the downright dirty in order to hone his pre-coital skills.

But this isn’t her first rodeo either.

Our slinky, sexual Pisces brings magic to the dance of darkness that blows even our well-versed Aquarian’s mind. 

Their libidos don’t exactly match up, as once a connection is made, Pisces wants to shake the sheets all the time, while Aquarius is known to occasionally take a break from sex. 

What’s more, Pisces likes to think of intercourse as a merging of the souls, while Aquarius approaches it as a wild merging of bodies, but these are pretty minor setbacks when compared to the astounding sexual synergy at play here.

Aquarius Man & Pisces Woman: Will It Work?

Compatibility Score: 6.5/10

Aquarius man and Pisces woman can make a really sweet couple.

Individually, they have a not-of-this-world vibe, so when you put them together, despite their differences, it’s almost as if they’re kindred spirits.

She’s all heart and feel, while he’s all head and thought, so they’re certainly not from the same planet, but they connect over their uniqueness in much the same way two people from different countries might when they meet in a land foreign to them both.

That’s not to say theirs will be an easy relationship, as their differences aren’t easily overcome.

Pisces, with a touch of the psychic in her, can sense all the emotions that her Aquarius man hides under lock and key. No matter how well he masks his feelings, she always peers through his facade, and as a very independent, private person, he can’t help but feel a little violated.

And speaking of emotions, Aquarius isn’t sure how to contend with the volatile feelings of his Pisces lover.

To be her partner, he will have to venture out of his stoic comfort zone multiple times a day, which can be exhausting.

Aquarians and Pisces are almost always fast friends, so when the going gets tough, the temptation to call it quits and salvage an amazing friendship from the wreckage of their romance can be hard to resist

However, should they choose to press on, with patience, understanding, and a little bit of luck, their love might just be sustainable.

Final Thoughts

There can be a lot of love between Aquarius and Pisces, underscored by a deep fascination with one another. They’re both otherworldly beings that seem out of place on planet Earth — Star crossed lovers indeed!

This intrigue isn’t enough on its own to carry them through the tough times, of which there will likely be many, but if they can also find familiarity in their otherness, they might just be able to make use of their differences and enjoy a long, loving relationship.

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