Triple Hour 11:13 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

It’s likely you have heard of 11:11 before. Many believe that if you see 11:11, then you need to make a wish as it is a very fortunate number and a good luck charm.

But, have you ever thought about what 11:13 means? Perhaps not.

The numbers you see on the clock are not insignificant. They actually have very deep meanings. Seeing the number 11:13 on the clock is not a silly coincidence, you are meant to see this time in the day, and you need to interpret the meaning. 

11:13 is what we call a triple hour. It is a variation of a mirror hour, which you may have heard of.

If you are unsure of what a triple hour is, and what the significance of 11:13 is, then you’re in the right place. We will cover the complete meaning of this triple hour, including which guardian angel is watching over you at this moment. 

What Exactly Is A Triple Hour? 

A triple hour is a type of mirror hour. Mirror hours occur on digital screens and clocks when there are four digits. For it to be a mirror hour, there need to be the same numbers on each side.

For example, a mirror hour would be 11:11, 13:13, 23:23, 02:02…you get the gist. 

A triple mirror hour is slightly different. For these to occur, there needs to be three of the same numbers, and one different number showing on the clock. For example, a triple hour would be 22:25, 13:33, or 05:55.

The three numbers need to be in sequence, such as 11:13. 

These mirror hours are actually messages sent from the angels, and are a sign that they are trying to contact you and communicate with you. 

What Is The Significance Of 11:13?

Have you come across the hour 11:13 often recently? You may consider it a coincidence at first, but it is not. Witnessing this is not by accident, it is meant to be.

The triple hour 11:13 is very significant and has an important message.

The triple hour 11:13 is protected and watched over by the guardian angel Lehahiah.

This angel is letting you know that you will soon find success in life, with a renewed sense of strength, motivation, determination, and tenacity. You will find the energy to overcome your obstacles in life, and reach new heights. 

By presenting you with this triple hour, Lehahiah is letting you know that he will be there for you and will offer you his support. If you have been feeling lost, and without motivation, then Lehahiah will gift you with his positive energy. 

He will give you the power to adapt to new situations and circumstances so that you can grow as a person. This can also help you in your relationships with others, as you will become more in tune with other people’s emotions.

You will make better choices, which have better outcomes. 

During this triple hour, the angel Lehahiah will offer you his service. In doing so, you will become a more respectful and powerful person. You will learn to be more sincere, loyal and responsible. This angel is all about discipline, and he will bring this to you. 

After seeing this sign, you will begin to earn the recognition of your superiors that you so rightfully deserve. You will gain authority over all things in your life.

If you are protected under the angel Lehahiah, then you will soon devote your life to maintaining the established order of things, and in doing so you will gain divine wisdom. 

This guardian angel can also help you keep your emotions in check. You will therefore no longer fall victim to your impulses, aggression, anger, betrayal, or any actions that could cause your destruction. He will protect you from any negativity, ruin and wrongdoing. 

What Does 11:13 Mean In Terms Of Numerology? 

In terms of numerology, the triple hour 11:13 is linked to the angel number 24, as this is the sum of 11 and 13. In seeing this triple hour, the number 24 has some important messages for you.

These messages are deeply connected to love, partnership, family, and harmony. 

This number is all about having respect, kindness, loyalty and finally integrity. You already have some important qualities in you such as your willingness to sacrifice yourself for others, and your emotional empathy for others.

The number 24 is also one that will give you more clarity, and you will be able to find success in all things in your life. This could be your career, your relationships, your friendships, your hobbies, you name it.

This will bring you a new sense of harmony and peace. 

However, it is also a reminder that there will be some emotional turmoil and pain in your life. But, with your strong will and mind, you can overcome this, and you will achieve your goals and targets soon enough. 

The triple hour 11:13 is also telling you to listen to your instinct and inner thoughts. Your first instinct is usually always right, and with the positive energy of the number 24, you will have more confidence in yourself, and a heightened sense of self-esteem.

With Lehuhiah’s determination, inner strength, and integrity, you will be able to find everything you are looking for, including stability and peace. 


To summarize, 11:13 is a triple hour. This triple hour is protected by your patron guardian angel Lehuhiah. This angel is one of strength, tenacity, determination and focus.

With his guiding light, you will be able to overcome any battles that come your way, and find your path towards happiness and success much more easily. 

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