Triple Hour 11:12 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

Have you heard of the term mirror hours? This is a moderately new phenomenon, as they are only seen on digital screens and devices. There are also some variations of mirror hours called triple hours and reversed mirror hours. 

So, what are mirror hours? Mirror hours are messages from the angels. These are conveyed through the numbers shown on a digital clock.

When these numbers show the same on each side, such as 00:00, 02:02, 13:13, or 11:11, this is a mirror hour. 

You likely will have heard of 11:11 before and its significance, but what about 11:12? What is the meaning behind this sequence of numbers? 

What Is A Triple Hour?

Triple mirror hours are a variation of mirror hours. These occur when the numbers on a digital clock have three numbers the same in sequence. For example, 11:12 is a triple hour.

So is 22:25, and so is 15:55. While we naturally notice mirror hours, we may not identify triple hours as easily. 

Like mirror hours, triple hours have hidden messages sent from the Universe. The mirror hours are the main way that the guardian angels communicate with us.

Seeing this triple hour often means that the angels are desperately trying to contact you. It is not by coincidence, but it was meant to be. 

These mirror hours may have many different meanings and significance, as it really depends on the person and your circumstances.

When it comes to 11:11, many believe that this is a sign that someone is thinking about you, or that someone who has passed on is watching over you, but 11:12 is different entirely. 

What Is The Significance Of 11:12?

The triple hour 11:12 is protected by the guardian angel Lehahiah. This angel is one of great fortune, luck, and harmony. He will bring you a renewed sense of tranquility in life.

Seeing this triple hour is a sign that this guardian angel is trying to get in touch with you, and has a message for you.

This message is that you will soon see good luck in your life. Lehahiah will always be there with you to offer a helping hand, and to guide you through darkness with his light.

He will lead you toward happiness, serenity, peace, and fulfillment. 

The angel Lehahiah is also one that will implement a new order in your life, he will keep you grounded and disciplined, which is a very important trait to have.

He will build you up, and give you the courage and strength that you have been searching for.

Just know, the angels offer up their full support and have every confidence that you will see through your endeavors. 

This triple hour is also there to reinforce what a great friend you are. You are honest, loyal, generous, true, and faithful. With the help of Lehahiah, you can be more responsible, and form stable relationships with those around you. 

You have the intelligence and wisdom to do great things. This message is a sign that you will be content soon enough, and reach a new level of divine power.

If you are dedicated to maintaining the established order, then the angels will reward you with better stamina, drive, motivation, and focus. With these traits, you will be able to improve many aspects of your life. 

This triple hour also tells you that you are a natural leader and that you will command the respect that you deserve.

With hard work, you can lead a team of people toward success. This could be professionally or within your friendship group. 

However, this triple hour can also act as a warning. While you have the talent to become a fantastic leader, you also are at risk of tyranny, rivalries, and authoritarianism. 

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of 11:12?

The spiritual meaning of 11:12 is that you have to shake things up, and move onto new cycles in your life. Sometimes, you have to rethink your actions, your values, and your beliefs in order to grow as a person. 

Life is not linear, it needs us to be more flexible, able to transform and change with the times. 

This triple hour is also one that sends an important message about yourself. It tells you to abandon old habits and forget your mistakes, and move on. You can find new opportunities in life, and in doing so, you will feel more safe, more secure and happy. 

This triple hour, therefore, aims to send you toward a better path in life. We often get into a rut, have the same old bad habits, and fall into a routine.

While routine makes us feel comfortable and secure, staying in our comfort zone can limit our progression. So, seeing this message from the angels acts as a wake-up call to stir up your emotions, and get you to take steps toward your future. 

The triple hour 11:12 is composed of the numbers 1 and 2. These numbers have very powerful energies and vibrations. When placed together, their power is magnified.

In this case, number one is more dominant as it appears three times. However, the number two is also present, so cannot be ignored.

Number one is all about new starts and new beginnings. It is a number of strength and courage.

It is also about ambition, leadership, and individuality.

This number encompasses spirit, progression, inspiration, enthusiasm and creativity. It is a fresh start, which relates to what we have discussed above.

That being said, number one has a dark side. It can be a sign of excess pride, aggression, totalitarianism, and intolerance. In some cases, it can be a sign of weakness, and lack of motivation. 

This could make you nervous, but don’t forget the number two is also present. The number two is a positive number. It is one of relationships, love, compassion, balance, friendliness, understanding, kindness and harmony.

In this case, number two brings balance to the power of number one. 

Astrology Meaning Of 11:12

To find the astrological meaning of 11:12, let’s look at the numbers as they are singly. So, we have 1112. The sum of these gives us 5. This number represents inventiveness, originality, adventure, curiosity, and open-mindedness. 

The number 5 is also a sociable number. It represents friendliness and companionship. In other cases, the number 5 when seen in the sequence of 1112 tells you to create new routines, and a happier lifestyle. 

In astrological belief, the angel number 1112 is a sign that the difficulties and challenges in your life will soon come to an abrupt end, and you will overcome them. 

What Does 11:12 Mean In Terms Of Numerology? 

To find the numerological meaning behind the triple hour 11:12, we add up the numbers on the clock.

Here, we have a total of 23. 23 is an angel number that brings a lot of harmony, but when paired with 11:12, it tells you that you will find success sooner or later. 

In this hour, the number 23 lets you know that you will be supported and guided by the angels in everything you set out to do. This can give you the extra boost you need to remain determined to get what you want.

With hard work, you can achieve anything in the future. 

Within the study of numerology, the number 23 is all about changing your life and your mindset. Welcome this change, as it could be about your career, a new start such as a new home, a new city, or a new relationship.

It will be a positive change, we promise you. 

The angel number 23 also reminds you to welcome your natural skills and abilities, as they will bring you so much joy in life. This number acts as a symbol that everything you give out into the world will be returned by the Universe.

If you do good things, great things will be returned to you soon enough. 


To summarize, the triple hour 11:12 is very significant. This triple hour is a message that you need to get out of your normal routine, change your habits and explore new paths in life.

When you do, you will be rewarded by the Universe, and you will find great happiness and success further down the line. 

This triple hour is protected by Lehahiah, who is the guardian angel of good fortune, luck, and peace. He can help you moderate your emotions, fulfill your destiny without falling into darkness.

His guiding light will take you further in life. So, if you witness 11:12, then it is important not to ignore it, and see what your future brings. 

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