Triple Hour 00:06 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

If you have noticed the number six a lot in your life recently, or often looked at the clock and noticed the time sitting at 00:06, then this is a clear sign for you. You may be wondering what the significance of this number is for you, and whether there is a hidden message behind this number. 

When you see a particular number on the clock many times, this is a mirror hour. These mirror hours are messages sent from our guardian angels to offer love, guidance and support.

For instance, if you have ever seen the time at 11:11, you may think ‘that’s cool’, or ‘what are the chances?’ when in reality, the angels have sent you this message. 

Mirror hours appear to us when the numbers on a digital clock are the same, and repeat one after the other. For example, a mirror hour would be 11:11. 12:12, 01:01, 00:00, or 15:15. So, what is considered a triple hour, how is it different, and what does 00:06 mean for you? Let’s start with what a triple hour is. 

What Is The Definition Of  A Triple Hour? 

A triple hour is a little different from a mirror hour. A typical mirror hour, as we said, would be when the numbers are exactly the same on each side. For it to be a triple hour, the numbers appearing on the clock need to have three of the same numbers in sequence. 

For example, a triple hour would be 14:44, 11:13, or 00:06. There are actually forty triple hours every day, as these numbers occur naturally as the day goes on.

You may find that you witness several of them, but if there is a particular triple hour that you keep on seeing, then this means that the angels have a message for you.

You are here because you have been witnessing the triple hour 00:06. This can be interpreted in many ways, but we have got the complete meaning for you, including the numerology behind this triple hour, and which guardian angel is watching over you when you see this hour. 

What Is The Significance Of 00:06?

This triple hour has its own unique meaning and significance. During this triple hour, the guardian angel who watches over you is called Vehuiah. He is the angel of love, and divine wisdom. 

Seeing this triple hour is a sign that the angels want you to know that you will soon see happiness and success in your life.

He will bring you love and joy soon enough, and you will find many opportunities in your future endeavors. 

If you have seen the triple hour 00:06, this is also a sign that you will soon find a renewed sense of courage and bravery. You’ll need this to take on the challenges coming your way, so that you can achieve your goals.

You will also soon have a better sense of initiative, which can help you come up with solutions with ease. You’ll soon find that you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by your tasks. 

As this guardian angel is one of divine wisdom, he will help you understand the world more clearly. You will begin to notice things and see things more easily.

For instance, there may be people in your life that wish to harm you or dominate your life.

The guardian angels will protect you from this person, and help you see them for what they truly are, and you will be able to remove them from your life. 

Seeing this triple hour is also a sign that you can harness Vehuiah’s healing powers too. This angel can give you the strength to take better care of yourself.

If you have been struggling with an ailment, mental health issue or sickness, then the angels can help you find peace and serenity. Vehuiah is also an angel of good health, who will help you get back on your feet and put your mind and body first. 

You will also find a new sense of confidence, so that you can make your dreams a reality. Throughout this triple hour 00:06, you will be blessed by the angel Vehuiah, who will allow you to see yourself in a more positive light.

He will show you how valuable you are, and what a loved person you are. 

This can help you make better choices, especially when it comes to those you hold dear, and in your relationships. You will be able to build better connections as a result. 

The angels are also showing you this triple hour to tell you that you need to be more cautious in life. You may jump head first into things, and think about them afterwards.

While confidence is a great thing, you don’t want to act too rashly, or overreact to certain situations because you haven’t thought about them first. Make sure to listen to the angel’s message, as they want only the best for you. 

What Does 00:06 Mean In Terms Of Numerology?

The angel number that stands out to us here is the number 6. This number is here to tell you that you are a caring, compassionate person.

You always think of others first, and want to ensure everybody’s happiness. 

Seeing this number is a stark reminder that you need to remain caring and compassionate towards others. Your friends and family need you, and you are always there for them.

But, don’t forget that you need that same support too, sometimes, and you can open up to others when you need to. 

The angel number six can also symbolize a passion for business. You can be quite charming when you want to be, and you can attract people to you and your cause.

If you want to pursue a career in public speaking, sales, finances, teaching, or medicine, your gift of the gab will be very helpful.

Others believe that the number six shows your desire to keep the peace within your family or friendship group. You are a protective person, who understands other’s needs and desires.

You will be selfless and do whatever you can to ensure everyone is doing okay. 

Finally, this angel number can also be a sign that your perfectionism, and need to make sure everything goes swimmingly could be your downfall. You can’t control everything all of the time- and you can’t always change people. It doesn’t mean that you have failed, or that you should doubt yourself. It’s just the way things go. 

Final Thoughts

To summarize, the triple hour 00:06 is protected by the angel Vehuiah. This is the angel of love, wisdom, and healing. In seeing this triple hour, the angels wish to contact you and tell you that you will soon have the courage to make your goals a reality, and be a more successful person. 

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