Are Aries Men & Pisces Women Compatible?

Not many people would put the ram and the fish forward as a potential love match, but there are definitely some sparks when the Aries man and the Pisces woman get together.

Allow me to elaborate.

What Does The Aries Man Value In The Pisces Woman?

She prioritizes him

The Pisces woman is guilty of loving too hard. She throws herself into her relationships, doing whatever she can to keep her lover happy, sometimes even at the expense of her own happiness.

Some find this dedication a little overbearing, but as a fairly self-centered individual, the Aries man appreciates being prioritized. He adopts a numero uno attitude at all times, and it comforts him to know that he’s numero uno in the eyes of his lover too.

The question is, will his unwillingness to deflect some focus back on his Pisces partner backfire in the end? There’s only so much devotion she can offer if she’s not getting anything in return.

She’s compassionate and affectionate

Aries is all aggression on the outside, but he’s a big softy on the inside. He has lots of powerful emotions that he often doesn’t know how to deal with. For instance, he’s extremely prone to jealousy. But, his partner’s persistent affection shows him that there’s nothing to worry about, easing his internal turbulence.

She has a grounding effect on him

Our Aries man can’t help but be hot-headed. The harder he tries to be patient, the shorter his fuse becomes, and he knows it’s one of his least attractive qualities. Thankfully, though, his watery partner cools his temper, helping him to deal with his emotions in a measured fashion.

Her caring nature and fantastic listening skills position her as a therapist-like party that Aries can vent to, thus releasing his pent-up emotions.

He’s still a pretty incendiary character, but he feels comforted knowing that he can control himself to a certain degree.

She’s worldly

Aries doesn’t just go on tons of adventures purely for the thrill of it (although that is a big part of the enjoyment for him), he also does it for exploratory reasons, to learn about the world and himself.

Even though the Pisces woman isn’t as well-traveled as her partner, nor does she desire to adventure as much as he, she’s bursting from the seams with worldly knowledge and wisdom.

Simply sitting down and talking to his partner is akin to his wildest excursions. He’s the one with all the tales to tell, but she’s the one who ends up holding court in conversations, mesmerizing him with her almost supernatural understanding of the world.

What Does The Aries Man Dislike In The Pisces Woman?

She can be touchy

Pisces are extremely sensitive souls. They care a lot about what people think of them, even if they’re relative strangers, so their sensitivity is amplified tenfold when communicating with a loved one.

Needless to say, her delicate disposition doesn’t pair well with the Aries man’s blunt manner of speaking. He often puts his foot in his mouth and hurts her feelings accidentally when just trying to be his honest self.

He’s not trying to hurt her, but he does, and it gets them both down, leading to a lot of tension in the relationship.

She’s not as boisterous

Aries men feed off people’s energy. They love being around other boisterous people because it intensifies their own lust for life, but the Pisces lady is a bit too chill to get him riled up the way his friends do and perhaps his previous partners did.

When he hangs out with people who can match his energy, it’s like drinking 20 espressos on the trot, but with her, he feels more like he’s dropped a couple of Ambien.

She takes him out of his racing mind and places him firmly in his feelings, introducing him to a complacent side, and while this can be beneficial for him, he’s not sure that it gels with his personality.

She can be a bit of a flake

Oh, Pisces; you have such good intentions when you make all your plans, but sometimes when crunch time approaches, you can’t even bring yourself to get out of bed, and with that ocean of turbulent emotions stirring inside, who could blame you? Well, actually, Aries, that’s who.

The fiery side of this relationship is forever pitching exciting activities and getaways, all of which sound great to the watery side, but she inevitably backs out of most of these plans, sometimes at the last minute, and it drives her Aries partner up the wall.

What Does The Pisces Woman Value In The Aries Man?

He sweeps her off her feet

Love can be all-consuming for the Pisces woman — She wants all the butterflies, she wants all the excitement, and she wants all the passion!

Luckily for her, the Aries man doesn’t mess around when it comes to love either. His goal is to completely sweep his lover off her feet by taking her on lots of romantic dates and treating her like an honest-to-goodness queen.

In a matter of minutes, he can have a spiritual Pisces feeling like a pampered Leo princess, and she low-key loves it!

Of course, this kind of treatment tends to die down further down the line, as at his core, the Aries man is a touch self-centered, but he still wows her every now and again after the honeymoon period has come to an end.

He surprises her with tales of wild adventures

Co-ruled by Neptune, the Pisces woman has a psychic energy that imbues her with deep wisdom, almost to the point that nothing really surprises her — It’s as if she’s seen everything before in her mind’s eye.

Yet the modern swashbuckler that is her Aries hunk has all sorts of weird and wonderful tales to tell about his adventures, and as he’s so commanding and confident, he weaves one heck of a yarn!

His confidence and assertiveness provide her with a bit of structure

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking… Aries? Structure? And yes, while the idea of an Aries providing structure would seem laughable to, say, Capricorns or Libras, for the dreamy-headed Pisces woman, the Aries man’s ability to take charge really does provide guidance.

She’s so torn between physical and metaphysical realms that it can be hard for her to get anything done, but that signature Aries assertiveness helps to shift her into gear and start engaging more with her Earthly life.

He gets her out of her shell

As discussed earlier, the Pisces woman sometimes gets washed away by her emotional depths, leaving her feeling disconnected from and unable to engage with the physical world — Life is hard for those little fishies!

If left to her own devices, she may cocoon herself in her blanket and stay in bed for days on end allowing her all-encompassing feelings to wash over her, smoothing out her ambition like a piece of ancient sea glass until any enthusiastic edge she had is lost to the waves.

What she needs is a big, strong, charismatic hero to bring some buoyancy to her watery soul, and the Aries man fits this role perfectly.

He pulls her out of her funk whether she likes it or not and turns her attention outward, taking her mind off her powerful emotions.

What Does The Pisces Woman Dislike In The Aries Man?

He can be brutally honest

After putting so much energy into building up, not just their union, but her Aries partner, it really, really hurts when he offends the Pisces woman during one of his brutally honest rants.

She doesn’t ask for much in return for her devotion, so it’s fair for her to expect her partner to have some forethought and empathy when conversing, but the Aries man doesn’t really get tact all that much.

Sure, he can learn how to tread lightly around people once he understands their boundaries, but until then, the Pisces woman will cry many a river because of his words.

He’s overly aggressive and short-tempered

Between her emotional blips, the Pisces woman is pretty cool, calm and collected, and she likes to keep it that way for as long as possible, but when her ram is ready to butt heads, he can fast-track her emotional spiral, or at the very least, harsh her mellow.

Can she put up with this intensity for her entire life? It’s going to be a big challenge for her, but as she warms to her partner and becomes ever more forgiving of his flaws, her caring nature will likely win out.

He’s not all that emotionally intelligent

A lot of Aries’s rough edges stem from the fact he’s just not very emotionally intelligent. It’s not that he doesn’t have many feelings, because he definitely does, BIG ones at that, but he lives in his erratic mind most of the time, so empathy isn’t always his strong suit.

Empathy, on the other hand, is Pisces’ whole deal. Well-acquainted with all emotions, they provide the perfect shoulder to cry on, as they really understand what you’re going through.

The Aries man’s inability to connect with other people on this sort of level leads the Pisces woman to question his moral fiber.

Do Aries Men & Pisces Women Have Good Sexual Chemistry?

Sexual Chemistry Score: 8/10

Despite their differences, when you put these fire and water signs together in a sensual situation, steamy times are to follow!

Aries with his spontaneous mind and libidinous drive keeps things spicy and exciting, while Pisces adds a little bit of tenderness to the equation, imbuing their sex life with a few extra gears outside of Aries’s perpetual 5th.

Slowing down isn’t usually in the Aries man’s erotic vocabulary, but he finds that hitting the brakes only makes it more exciting when the two of them put the pedal to the metal and really go for it.

Aries is typically quite dominant in the sack, and it teaches the emotionally driven Pisces woman that she too can be more sexually assertive and physical between the sheets. 

Conversely, Pisces teaches Aries that it can be highly enjoyable to allow some emotion into the bedroom, as it helps to build tension and give the act more meaning.

Aries might have a problem with all these changes to his MO, but as Pisces is such a generous lover, it’s not that he doesn’t get what he likes, it’s that he gets what he wants on top of all the extras she’s throwing his way.

Both parties are willing to get a little bit imaginative with their love-making too, which helps to keep the relationship fresh, but Aries isn’t quite as exploratory as Pisces, as her otherworldly connections give her a certain je ne sais quoi between the sheets.

Not one to fall behind, Aries matches his partner’s creativity with unbridled energy, meaning it’s not just her wild emotions that keep the lady Pisces in bed for extended periods of time.

Aries Man & Pisces Woman: Will It Work?

Compatibility Score: 6/10

Pisces are old souls while Aries is just a tad old-fashioned, which often makes them a superb match for one another, but there’s always a chance that Aries’s lack of sensitivity will slowly eat away at his good-natured partner’s will to keep the relationship alive.

The phrase “shape up or ship out” comes to mind when thinking of Aries’s treatment of Pisces. He’s going to have to do some serious work on himself, as well as learn his partner in and out, in order to prevent the relationship from becoming too one-sided.

However, it’s not just the Aries man at fault. Pisces bailing on plans makes Aries feel like she’s not putting much effort into getting to know him and that perhaps their lifestyles and interests are incompatible.

He’s right to a certain extent, but their lifestyles can absolutely merge in a mutually beneficial way as long as they develop patience for one another and remember they’re on the same team.

Final Thoughts

There will always be some drama when a fire sign and a water sign try it on for size, but such a union isn’t totally off the table. A powerful love for one another can help the Aries man and the Pisces woman overcome their differences and live harmoniously together.

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