Are Aries Men & Libra Women Compatible?

The Aries personality doesn’t exactly scream balance, whilst Libras are all about equilibrium, so love matches between these signs are always interesting.

Their values are at odds, but fire and air signs are usually quite synergistic, so, will their differences get the better of them, or will their passion tip the scales in their favor?

Read on and all will be revealed!

What Does The Aries Man Value In The Libra Woman?

She plays hard to get

The Libra woman doesn’t like to give herself over to a romance right away, because the influence of her celestial ruler, Venus, the planet of love, benefice, and beauty encourages her to draw it out into something story-worthy.

She’s an ardent lover of fairy tales, and whenever she can, she likes to weave some of the magic of her favorite fictions into her life, and to do so, she bides her time and waits to be wooed.

Aries isn’t aware of what her reasons are for keeping him at arm’s length at first. All he knows is that her playing coy is insanely hot and stokes his desire for conquest.

She tempers his erratic life with her clarity

Aries has a great deal of drive, and in his world, personal development is paramount, but he’s incapable of thinking too far into the future, which limits his chances of creating or achieving long-term goals — Enter Libra!

His balanced, thoughtful partner is a highly skilled planner, and her patient brain can help to give him some direction in life.

Her beauty and elegance

Libra ladies are beauty incarnate, and what would you expect from a woman ruled by Earth’s sister, Venus?

Despite his minor self-obsession, the aggro male Aries understands that he’s a little rough around the edges, and over time, he may have convinced himself that he’s not capable of attracting true beauty or worthy of keeping it by his side. Yet, his Libra partner tells him otherwise.

She’s just as charming as he is, but, needless to say, her grace and elegance far exceed his, and he appreciates the contrast between them.

She’s attentive and affectionate

Aries men often go through stints of hyper-independence, during which, the only option is to give them some space, but between these lone wolf phases, they’re quite soppy beasts.

They appreciate a lover who’s comfortable with affection, and, more importantly, knows how to deliver it to them without seeming overbearing or oppressive, and the Libra woman is highly skilled at sussing people out and catering to their needs.

She unlocks his sensitive soul and manages his emotions with such ease that you’d think she’d known him her whole life.

What Does The Aries Man Dislike In The Libra Woman?

She lacks confidence

Short-tempered Aries often gets frustrated with his Libra lady’s low self esteem, but mostly only because he thinks she’s great and should have more faith in herself. 

As a fire sign, he’s impetuous and looks for the quickest solution, but when self-deprecating Libra refuses to accept his kind words, he loses patience and leaves his partner to wallow.

He wants nothing more than for her to stand up for herself and be a little more confrontational, and with his influence, her confidence is growing, but not as fast as he would like.

She cares a bit too much about what people think

Aries cares deeply about what his inner circle thinks about him, but he couldn’t care less about how anybody else sees him, and although this can be a pretty ugly trait, it undoubtedly gives him a lot of strength of character and encourages him to walk his own path.

Libra, by contrast, cares deeply about what all people think of her. She wants to be liked, partly because being liked reduces the chance of confrontation, but mostly because it helps her find inner balance.

Aries wishes that his partner wouldn’t obsess so much about people who mean relatively little to her. He thinks she’d enjoy life a little more if she stopped worrying about pleasing people and allowed certain individuals to think poorly of her.

She takes forever to make a decision

There’s a reason Libras are represented by the celestial scales. They love weighing things up for long periods to ensure they’re making the right decision, but to someone like impulsive Aries, they may as well be ruminating for eternity.

He likes to make break-neck decisions and roll with the punches, and his partner’s relentless deliberating is slowing him down, taking a bit of the spice out of his life.

What Does The Libra Woman Value In The Aries Man?

He’s charming and comes on strong

Libra loves love. This lady enjoys every aspect of being wooed, and the Aries man is one of the most charming people on the planet, so his attention in particular warms her soul. He’s also very forward, so she doesn’t have to wait around for lots of interactions.

He falls for her hard-to-get move hook, line, and sinker, and she adores that she can stretch their romance out into a will-they-won’t-they chain of events, even though she knows full well that they will the whole time.

He helps to build her confidence

The Libra woman is by no means weak, but she definitely lacks confidence, which is something that her Aries partner can help with.

Not just a boyfriend, he’s also a little like a coach training her in the ways of assertive behavior and fighting her own battles.

An outspoken person, he’s not scared to shower her with compliments, which steadily raise her self esteem over time.

He’s the bravest person she’s ever met

In the mind of Libra, Aries is very much the quintessential knight in shining armor. He never backs down from a challenge and he laughs in the face of adversity, and even though she’s an evolved woman, her love of fairy tales endears her to his heroics.

He fights her battles with a fiery passion, making her feel protected whenever she’s with him. It’s all so antithetical to her own disposition that she can’t help but be in awe at his courage. It makes her feel incredibly loved, which is ultimately what Libra values the most.

He’s an honest person

Justice and integrity are a big part of the Libra personality, and as such, the Libran woman refuses to start relationships with those who lie or play mind games.

In her Aries partner, she’s found an honest soul that will always tell the truth, meaning, by her truest values, he’s a wholly good person and a suitable recipient of her heart.

What Does The Libra Woman Dislike In The Aries Man?

He’s far too aggressive at times

Libra women value grace and decorum. They find it uncomfortable when people are a bit too full on, and “full on” is basically her Aries man’s middle name.

He can’t help it; he’s an aggressive person, which isn’t to say he’s violent, but there’s an intensity to everything he does that the Libra lady doesn’t always appreciate.

What’s more, Libra women are endlessly patient (it’s one of the best qualities), but when they’re met with a complete lack of patience in return, the relationship can quickly turn sour in their minds.

His competitive side gets the best of him

We all know how competitive Aries people are. They’re simply incapable of standing by and letting others flaunt their stuff unchecked. They even bring this combative side to their romantic relationships, much to the chagrin of the Libra woman.

Libras prioritize cooperation over competition. They find butting heads with those around them to be awkward, pointless, and destructive, while they believe working together as a team to be rewarding and constructive.

He gets bored incredibly quickly

While the Libra woman enjoys excitement from time to time, she’s nowhere near as much of a thrill seeker as her Aries man. He spends his life chasing adrenalin and acting on impulse, which indecisive Libra finds difficult.

She’s worried that she’s not spontaneous and quirky enough to keep her lover interested long-term, which can lead her to become quite clingy, a surefire way to push an Aries away. 

Do Aries Men & Libra Women Have Good Sexual Chemistry?

Sexual Chemistry Score: 8/10

Libra can be a little bit hesitant and shy during the first few times they get intimate with their Aries partner, but thankfully, his confidence is infectious, and before long, they’re both feeling relaxed and ready to explore one another.

He makes Libra feel safe by encouraging open discussion about sex and what they’re both into. Her tentative approach helps to shake loose some of Aries’s egotism, forcing him to focus more on his partner, ultimately leading to a better time for all involved.

Libra can flit effortlessly between passive and submissive roles between the sheets, which is music to the Aries man’s ears, as he’s a dominant lover, through and through. She can also be quite rough when things get steamy, giving Aries a challenge and a sense of conquest, which is perhaps his biggest turn-on.

Both parties enjoy passionate sex, so their bedroom energy is always off the charts. They agree that sex is both a fun act and a way to prove they care for one another, so they both get a lot of surface-level and deeper emotional satisfaction from a roll in the hay.

Libra sees sex as a demonstration of their love first and foremost, and Aries sees sex as evidence of their partner’s love, so they couldn’t be more on the same page on that front.

The only caveat here is that Aries has a much larger sexual appetite, preferring to have sex at least four or five times a week, while Libra feels this is a bit excessive.

That said, the Libran woman enjoys pleasing her partner, so she typically won’t mind having more sex than she normally would, but if she’s just not feeling it, Aries understands and gives her some space. 

He’s a confident initiator but hates being shot down, so he’ll wait until he’s sure the feeling’s right to try again.

Aries Man & Libra Woman: Will It Work?

Compatibility Score: 7/10

There are some glaring differences between the Aries man and the Libra woman, the starkest of which is his confrontational nature and her gentility, but the magical thing about this love match is that they have the power to stimulate personal evolution in one another.

Aries encourages Libra to advocate for themselves more vocally and with action if need be, while Libra introduces Aries to a higher level of emotional intelligence that smooths out his rough edges and makes him an all-round better person. They will always have different values to some degree, but they blend together exquisitely. 

Aries isn’t usually receptive to outside influence, but his balanced partner’s soft touch and understanding of his needs disarms him, and for possibly the first time in his life, he abandons his defenses and allows someone to guide him.

Libra, on the other hand, has always been receptive to influence but never has she valued influence more than that of her Aries lover. She sees him as a total force of nature and is happy to work aspects of him into her self-image.

You might think that the Aries man would get bored with such a level-headed partner, but the longer they spend together, the more open she is to spontaneity, so it’s actually more likely that he’ll become more intrigued by his Libra lady as time goes on.

Aries may end up dominating the relationship, creating a power imbalance, especially as Libra is the more impressionable of the two, but if Libra can be a little more assertive, there’s a good chance that their union could stand the test of time.

Final Thoughts

The Aries man and Libra woman have a lot of potential, and when you consider that Mars is the planet of passion and Venus is the planet of love, it makes sense that there’d be fireworks when these two get together.

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