Are Libra Men and Pisces Women Compatible? – Will a Relationship Work?

When you are in the early days of dating somebody, you may be eager to find out if the two of you are compatible as a couple.

When a relationship is fresh, you often only share the best parts of yourself, and this can lead to conflict further down the line. One way that many people assess their compatibility with a potential partner is through their zodiac signs. 

While your sun signs alone aren’t enough to totally determine compatibility between you and a potential partner, they can give you a good idea regarding whether, or not, things will work out. 

In this guide, we’re focusing on the compatibility between a Libra Man and a Pisces Woman. So if you want to find out more, keep on reading!

Things Libra Men Like in Pisces Women

Let’s begin by looking at some things that attract Libra men toward Pisces women.

These things make the Libra man find the Pisces woman attractive and lead to them starting a relationship together.

Their Sensitive, Emotional Nature

Libras are intense individuals. They believe that emotional connections between them and potential partners are critical and place tremendous value on the ability to connect with those around them.

So the fact that Pisces tend to be sensitive and emotional individuals is something that Libra finds incredibly attractive. 

The Libra yearns for that deep, emotional connection that they can achieve with a Pisces.

They dream of being able to understand their partner on a much deeper level, and the intimacy that an emotional bond offers. 

Libra also loves that Pisces is a sensitive individual as this tends to make them fairly averse to conflict.

Libras hate conflict, so the fact that the sensitive Pisces tends to avoid conflict is something they find incredibly attractive. 

Their Ability to Make Them Feel Comfortable and Secure

Libra likes to feel secure in their relationships, and this is something that they can find in Pisces.

Libras are indecisive, people-pleasing, and somewhat distrustful of others by nature, so they love that the Pisces make them feel secure in the relationship. 

Pisces have a naturally peaceful and comforting aura and this can really help the Libra feel happy and secure within their relationship.

The Pisces gives the Libra no reason to feel insecure, and this can really help them feel comfortable in their relationship. 

Not only does the Pisces make the Libra feel secure in their relationship, but they also actively reassure them when their untrusting nature gets the better of them.

This can help the two form a really strong relationship together!

Their Ability to Keep Their Grievances to Themselves 

Finally, the Libra really loves the Pisces’ ability to keep their grievances to themselves.

Libra individuals tend to have a natural aversion to conflict, and conflict is much more common in situations where one (or both) parties feel the need to express every grievance they have. 

The Libra likes that the Pisces can manage their emotions and not complain about every single inconvenience that impacts their life.

Pisces does not fly off the handle and throw a temper tantrum over every single grievance they have, and this can make the relationship between them and Libra a lot more peaceful and calmer. 

Libras hate conflict, and ultimately the rational side of Pisces reduces the chance of any conflict occurring between the two.

However, this can cause Pisces to bottle up their emotions, which can cause problems. We’ll take a look at this shortly.

Things Libra Men Dislike in Pisces Women

Of course, there are some things that the Libra Man dislikes about the Pisces Woman, and they include the following.

Their Inconsistency

Libras are very balanced individuals and they tend to be creatures of routine.

In contrast, Pisces women are the exact opposite, and this inconsistency in their routine and lifestyle is something that can cause problems for the Libra Man. 

The Libra Man will always want to know where he is in the relationship.

He likes to have his days planned out and craves the balance that a routine offers. But the Pisces Woman tends to be a lot more spontaneous, making decisions based entirely on what she feels like doing.

She doesn’t mind a routine, but can sometimes feel trapped by it and this can cause frustrations.

So the Libra Man struggles with the Pisces woman on occasion as he can find her behavior quite inconsistent. 

Their Emotional Mood Swings During Fights

As Libras really crave balance, they tend not to be overly emotional individuals. While they crave an intense emotional connection, they tend to be in control of their emotions and can struggle with individuals who aren’t. 

When Pisces finds themselves in a position of conflict, they tend to become extremely emotional.

When they are angry, they may cry tears of frustration, and if they are in an argument with somebody they might find themselves laughing at the situation. In short, Pisces tends to have emotional mood swings during fights. 

The Libra Man can find these mood swings unpleasant and uncomfortable, and this might put him off the Pisces Woman. 

Their Need to Bottle Things Up

Finally, the Libra Man actually dislikes the way that the Pisces Woman tends to bottle things up.

While he loves her ability to keep her grievances to herself, he hates when this ultimately leads to her blowing up after bottling things up over a long period. 

Of course, these blow-ups will only happen occasionally as the Pisces Woman will spend quite a lot of her time bottling her emotions up.

But when they do occur, they can make the Libra Man feel incredibly uncomfortable.

He hates conflict, and these blow-ups can lead to big arguments. 

However, as this typically only happens now and then, it is something that the two will typically be able to work past. 

Things Pisces Women Like in Libra Men

Now, let’s take a look at some of the things that attract the Pisces woman toward the Libra man. 

Their Ability to Look at the Bigger Picture

One of the biggest attractions for the Pisces Woman is the Libra Man’s ability to look at the bigger picture. 

As Libras tend to have good control over their emotions and crave balance, they also tend to be individuals who make plans.

The Pisces woman loves that the Libra man looks at everything he does and how this will impact the future, rather than taking rash decisions.

Both of these zodiac signs tend to be very rational, and this is something that they find very attractive about one another. 

Their Balanced Nature

Another thing that Pisces loves about Libra is his balanced nature, and how this can help make their relationship peaceful. 

Pisces tends to be very reassuring, comforting, and secure by nature, and this perfectly compliments the balance that the Libra brings to the relationship.

Together, they can both see that their relationship, for the most part, will be safe and secure, and this is something that they both love.

Pisces aren’t overly emotional individuals, and they don’t tend to fly off the handle that often.

They love that this is something that is mirrored in the Libra. 

Their Communication

Finally, the Pisces love the Libra’s ability to clearly communicate with their partners. Communication is one of Libra’s biggest strengths, and it is easy to see why. 

The Pisces love that they will always be able to have clear communication with the Libra about their future together, emotions, etc. 

They also love that they can have intelligent communication with the Libra whenever they want, and have conversations together that they actively enjoy.

Things Pisces Women Dislike in Libra Men

However, some things Pisces women tend to dislike about Libra men. They include the following traits. 

Their Indecisive Nature

Something that most zodiac signs struggle with when it comes to Libras is their indecisiveness. Pisces is no different. 

Libras are people-pleasers, and for this very reason, they tend to constantly change their answers and opinions to make those around them happy.

Their indecisive nature means that they rarely make decisions and this can cause great frustration to the Pisces. 

For the Pisces woman, it can make her feel like she is the only one making decisions in the relationship, and this can annoy her over time. 

Their Attitude Towards Life

The Pisces woman also tends to dislike the attitude that the Libra man has towards life, and how he wants everything to be set in stone. 

Libras aren’t very spontaneous, especially not in later life.

While they will enjoy the excitement of traveling and exploring when they are young, they will want to settle down, and they will expect to do this fairly early on in life. 

The Pisces woman tends to struggle with Libra’s inability to do things spontaneously, and this can make them feel somewhat trapped in the relationship.

Their Aversion to Conflict 

Finally, something else that the Pisces woman tends to struggle with when it comes to the Libra man is his aversion to conflict. 

Pisces women are not confrontational individuals and they don’t actively enjoy conflict themselves.

However, they do recognize that sometimes conflict is necessary within a relationship. 

The fact that the Libra Man has a total aversion to conflict can cause the Pisces Woman to feel frustrated, and ultimately make her angrier when she eventually blows up.

Libra Man and Pisces Woman: Sexual Chemistry

Score: 5/10

When it comes to sexual chemistry between the Libra man and Pisces woman, it tends to be fairly average. While these two zodiacs tend to create excellent emotional connections, there is a certain level of intensity missing between the two, and this reduces their sexual chemistry. 

Of course, when a Libra man is involved, sexual relationships are never going to be bad.

Libras are very talented lovers and their skills in the bedroom are some of the best out of the zodiac signs. So any sexual relations between a Libra man and a Pisces woman are guaranteed to be good.

But in terms of chemistry, it isn’t really there.

This partnership is not one where the two people are unable to keep their hands off of one another, and it is not the fiery relationship that you may get between a Libra and a fire sign.

That doesn’t mean that the sex is bad, it simply means that it is lacking the passion necessary for good sexual chemistry. 

Libra Man and Pisces Woman: Relationship Score

Score: 8/10

While their sexual chemistry may not be that intense, the Libra man and Pisces woman actually score pretty high when it comes to the relationship score. 

There are very few zodiac signs that score highly in both relationship scores and sexual chemistry.

That is because relationships, where there is intense sexual chemistry, tend to burn bright and quickly, so these relationships do not really tend to last. 

However, the relationship between a Pisces woman and a Libra man is one that actually has the potential to go the distance.

These signs can form an intense emotional connection that allows them to connect on a deep level, and their personalities tend to complement each other perfectly. 

While there will be points of conflict between the two, ultimately none of these tend to be dealbreakers, and they generally are things that they can learn to live with. Allowing these two to form a strong and healthy relationship.


In conclusion, yes, Libra men and Pisces women do tend to be compatible, and more often than not, a relationship between the two will work out. 

While there will always be things that the two dislike about one another, these things tend to be issues that they can work through together, allowing them to form an incredibly healthy relationship with one another. As long as they keep communication clear, then these two have a good chance of having a long-lasting and happy relationship together. 

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