Are Pisces Men and Leo Women Compatible – Will a Relationship Work?

Pisces is a water sign, and Leo is a water sign. For that very reason, you might not expect a relationship between these two to work. It is easy to assume that the fluidity of the water sign would dampen the fire of the Leo. However, this isn’t always the case. In fact, a relationship between a Pisces and a Leo will often work. 

Together, these zodiac signs can form a very strong relationship that will be incredibly fulfilling for both involved. While they will clash at times as both can be very passionate individuals, if they are willing to work through it, the pair can form a very strong relationship that will last for a very long time.

In this guide, we’re taking a look at why a relationship between a Pisces man and a Leo woman could work out, and what makes these two compatible. 

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Things Pisces Men Like About Leo Women

Let’s start off by taking a look at some of the things that the Pisces man likes most about the Leo woman.

Their Love 

Leo women are incredibly loving individuals, and this is the first thing that the Pisces man likes about the Leo woman. 

Pisces men are incredibly sensitive, and they can pick up on the emotions of those around them. So the loving nature of the Leo woman will really make them feel warm inside and be incredibly reassuring to them.

Just like the Leo woman, the Pisces man is also incredibly loving. These traits in their personalities complement each other perfectly, allowing them to form a solid relationship together.

Their Easygoing Attitude

Something else that the Pisces man really likes about the Leo woman is that they are incredibly easygoing. Leos are happy to go with the flow, and the Pisces man really likes that. 

Neither the Pisces man nor the Leo woman are particularly controlling. They aren’t control freaks, and they don’t feel the need to be in control of every situation. Instead, they are happy to let others take the lead, despite the fact that they are naturally very good leaders. 

The Pisces man is also happy to go with the flow, and this is perfectly complemented by the Leo woman. Together, they can lead a stress-free life, and this is something that’s very appealing to the Pisces man.

Their Passion

Finally, the Pisces man loves how passionate the Leo woman is. Passion is a very attractive trait, and it really draws the Pisces man to the Leo woman.

The Leo woman will be passionate about absolutely everything that she does in life. She puts her total effort into everything, and this is incredibly attractive to the Pisces man. For someone to be passionate about something, they have to care, so the Pisces man sees Leo’s passion to be very attractive. 

Pisces are very passionate themselves, so the passion of Leo is very attractive. 

Things Pisces Men Dislike About Leo Women

Moving on, let’s take a look at some of the things that the Pisces man tends to dislike about the Leo woman.

Their Directness

One thing that the Pisces man dislikes about the Leo woman is how direct she is. She doesn’t mince her words, instead, the Leo woman will speak directly to others about what she thinks and how she’s feeling. 

Pisces men struggle with directness sometimes because they are very sensitive individuals. When the Leo woman speaks directly to the Pisces man, he might become upset or hurt, and this is why he doesn’t like her directness. 

While he doesn’t mind conflict, the Pisces man will struggle with Leo’s constant need to speak directly.

Their Lack of Emotional Intimacy

Something else that he will struggle with is the lack of emotional intimacy that the Leo woman offers. 

Leos are incredibly loving, but they don’t tend to be too emotional about it. They aren’t closed off when it comes to their emotions, instead, they simply aren’t that emotional. Unlike Pisces, they aren’t particularly emotional individuals, and for this reason, there tends to be a lack of emotional intimacy from Leo. 

The Pisces man will strive for emotional intimacy, and this is something that the Leo woman doesn’t offer in abundance. So this is somewhere that these two can clash.

Their Honesty

Finally, the Pisces man sometimes struggles with how honest the Leo woman is. This is directly linked to her directness. 

Leo women are very honest – they will always be honest to others, and they won’t lie to make others feel better about themselves. If they dislike somebody, they will tell them. If they disagree with something, they will openly do this. They aren’t good at lying, and their honesty can sometimes be brutal. 

The sensitive Pisces may struggle with the brutal honesty of the Leo woman, and this can cause them to clash as a couple.

Things Leo Women Like About Pisces Men

Now, let’s take a look at some of the things that the Leo woman likes most about the Pisces man. 

Their Sensitivity

One of the things that the Leo woman likes most about the Pisces man is how sensitive he is. 

Leos aren’t overly sensitive, so they love that the Pisces man is. This area where they are totally different is very attractive to the Leo woman because Pisces’ sensitivity allows her to see the world differently. And it can really help her grow as an individual. 

The sensitivity of the Pisces man will cause the Leo woman to question when to be brutally honest, and when to tread a little more carefully. She loves that she can grow through her relationship with her partner. 

Their Tenderness

Something else that the Leo woman loves about the Pisces man is how tender he is in his actions toward her. 

Pisces are very gentle individuals, and they are very tender lovers too. They will move gently with those around them, and this is a direct contrast to the intensity that the Leo woman brings to the relationship. This is another area where the Leo woman is drawn to the differences between her and the Pisces man. 

The tender touch of the Pisces man is something that the Pisces woman really likes, and this really helps their sexual chemistry too. 

Their Devotion

Finally, the Leo woman loves that the Pisces man is very devoted to her. 

When the Pisces man is in a relationship, he will become incredibly devoted to his partner. All of his actions will be made to make her happy, and she really will become the center of his universe. The Leo woman loves that the Pisces man will dote on her, and really craves the attention that he gives her. 

She really likes that he is a devoted lover, and this can build very strong foundations for their relationship together. 

Things Leo Women Dislike About Pisces Men

Finally, let’s take a look at some of the things that the Leo woman dislikes about the Pisces man.

Their Shyness

One of the first things that the Leo woman dislikes about the Pisces man is how shy he is. 

Shyness is a trait that really impacts the Pisces man and affects his social interaction with those around him. He will struggle in conversations where the other person fails to take the lead, and isn’t particularly good at small talk. The Leo woman struggles with this as she is typically a very confident person. 

The shyness of the Pisces man will impact Leo in social settings, and that is why she dislikes this aspect of his personality.

Their Smothering

The Leo woman can also sometimes find the devotion of the Pisces man a little smothering. 

Leo is a confident and independent woman who is happy to do things on her own. She likes her own company and needs a break from those around her from time to time. But the Pisces man will want to spend all his time with her, and Leo can find this a little suffocating. 

The Leo woman will struggle if she constantly has to be around others, and the Pisces man will push for them to spend all their time together. That is why this is something that the Leo woman dislikes about the Pisces man.

Their Sensitivity

Finally, the Leo woman struggles with how sensitive the Pisces man is. This is primarily because it completely contrasts her brutal honesty. 

The Leo woman dislikes how sensitive the Pisces man is as it prevents her from being able to speak her mind within the relationship. He will become upset easily, and this will stop the Leo woman from being able to talk directly about things. 

While Pisces’ sensitivity isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it does contrast the way in which Leo can communicate with him. This is why it is something that the Leo woman dislikes about the Pisces man.

Pisces Men and Leo Women: Sexual Chemistry

Score: 8/10

In terms of sexual chemistry, the Pisces man and Leo woman have this in abundance. While these two zodiac signs are very different from one another, they are also both incredibly romantic, and this allows them to have a very good sex life. 

The ways in which these zodiac signs are romantic are very different from one another, and this really complements their relationship. The Pisces man is romantic in a very tender and gentle way, while Leo loves intensely. The ways in which these zodiac signs are romantic are mirrored in the way that they behave in the bedroom. 

Leos are intense lovers, and they bring this to the bedroom. Their actions are fierce and they stop at nothing to make sure their lover feels good. They also have a very high sex drive, which is perfectly matched by the tender and loving behavior of the Pisces. 

While Leo is a very fierce lover, the Pisces man is a gentle lover. His actions are soft and tender and this completely contrasts the intense touch of the Leo woman. Their contrasting behavior in the bedroom makes them an excellent match and really intensifies their sexual chemistry. The fact that both parties are also incredibly talented lovers only makes their sexual chemistry more intense.

Pisces Men and Leo Women: Relationship Score

Score: 7/10

A lot of the time, the relationship between a Pisces man and a Leo woman will typically work out. These two have the potential for a relationship to go the long distance, and that is because their differences perfectly complement one another. 

Leo is an intense lover, they are fierce and passionate, and they can sometimes be a lot. However, their intensity is perfectly balanced by the tender and gentle nature of the Pisces man. Where Leo is fiery, Pisces is soothing, and these two different energies perfectly complement each other. 

These individuals are both incredibly loving, and they will both make one another their top priority. They will put their full effort into their relationship and work really hard to ensure that their partner feels loved at all times. Both individuals will feel valued, and this just makes their relationship stronger. 

There are some areas where they will clash, but if they are both willing to work at it, their relationship has a very good chance of lasting for a long time.


In short, the Pisces man and the Leo woman stand a very good chance of building a relationship together that will last for a very long time. 

While these zodiac signs differ in a number of ways, their differences tend to complement each other very well, and this can allow them to form a very strong bond as a couple. Even though they will occasionally clash, most of the time they will be able to work past this – enabling them to live a happy life together. 

In this guide, we’ve looked at some of the main reasons why the Pisces man and Leo woman are compatible. 

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