Triple Hour 22:20 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

If you are a little superstitious, then you may already notice omens in your life. You may realize that certain signs, symbols, colors, and numbers hold deeper meanings, and can act as prophecies or signs for us.

This is not a new notion, people have had ‘lucky’ numbers for years, or considered some unlucky such as the number 13. However, what you may not be aware of is the great power of mirror hours, and how those numbers have value and meanings that must be understood.

Some mirror hours are believed to provide us with messages from those who have passed on or are signs of good fortune and fertility. Others can be warning messages, or more foreboding. 

You have found your way here because you want to know about the mirror hour 22:20. This could be appearing to you in a multitude of ways.

However, this is actually a triple mirror hour.

So, let’s go over some of the interpretations behind this magical hour, and what it means for you. 

What Is A Triple Hour?

Mirror hours are a pretty new notion, as they only occur on digital screens and clocks. That means, you can only witness these angel hours on your phone screen, digital watch, digital clock, or other digital devices and screens such as bus, flight, or train schedules.

When you witness a mirror hour, you may feel an odd sense within you. It feels uncanny, the way the numbers have arranged themselves, and you may feel that this is a message that is meant to be seen or heard. 

Seeing a mirror hour is somewhat of a blessing, as these hours are sent from the guardian angels, and carry a message for you, and you only. It is not by chance that you have looked at the time at that precise moment, it is more than likely fate, and the Universe sending you a sign.

A mirror hour occurs when the clock reads the same on each side. So, as you can imagine, a mirror hour would be 00:00, 01:01, 05:05, 12:12, you get the general idea. Triple hours are a type of mirror hour, but their appearance varies slightly. 

A triple hour occurs when the numbers are the same, and repeated three times in sequence. So, 01:11 would be a triple hour, along with 15:55, or 22:20. The numbers are, in effect, tripled. 

Seeing a triple hour is a sign that there is a message for you, so let us go over all of the possible interpretations of this, including the spiritual meaning and numerological meaning of 22:20. 

What Is The Significance Of 22:20?

Each angel hour is protected and guarded by a specific guardian angel. In the case of 22:20, this triple hour is watched over by the guardian angel Habuhiah.

This is your guardian angel and who you should turn to in times of need or guidance. 

The angel Habuhiah is an angel of healing and fertility. Does this sound like something you have been in search of? If so, the Universe is answering your calls.

This guardian angel is trying to contact you through the hour 22:20, and letting you know that he will offer you an increased level of protection and fertility. 

Fertility does not necessarily have to mean being more fertile in order to have children. It could relate to your life being more fertile or prosperous.

If you own land, then your harvests will be bountiful, and your life will be more filled with fortune. 

However, Habuhiah is very closely connected with the notion of successful harvesting, and so you will see more prosperity in all you turn your hand to, particularly if you work in the agricultural sphere.

He provides fertility for all things in nature, including you, your land, your animals, and your crops.

On the other hand, as Habuhiah is also an angel who provides great healing, you can benefit from his immense healing powers.

He can help alleviate pain, whether physical or mental, and can help relieve minor ailments, and help you move on and recover for a healthier lifestyle. 

In particular, if you work in the medical field, you are a therapist, masseuse, or anyone who helps others with physical or mental pain, Habuhiah is showing you through this triple hour that you have his help, support, and guidance. 

As patron angel of healing- Habuhiah will be by your side if you need support during health struggles.

With Habuhiah’s help, you can gain the support you need to be free from illnesses, or things holding you back. Your journey towards healing has already begun. 

Because of this, it is thought that seeing the triple hour 22:20 is a sign that you may need some sort of spiritual or physical healing. You may feel that you have lost your way.

You may require help with regulating your emotions, and you may be looking for a way to find a new sense of serenity, peace, and balance. Habuhiah can help you do this. 

To do so, Habuhiah encourages you to reconnect with yourself, and reconnect with nature too. You may need to take more time for yourself to find peace, enjoy the great outdoors, and relax a little.

Escape the normal grind of life and be one with the environment around you. Take moments for self care, mindfulness and meditation. You will feel better for it. 

What Does 22:20 Mean In Terms Of Numerology? 

Normally, we add the sum of the numbers found on the triple hour in order to delve into the numerology behind them. In this case, we get 42.

This number carries a lot of positive connotations, good energy, and relates to happiness, joy, love, and contentment. 

This is why witnessing this triple hour is seen as a positive thing, as it can be a sign that you will have good luck and fortune in your relationships.

This number can help heal your relationship with your partner, and help you build your bond, by giving you the strength to improve your communication. It also shows how you can offer so much love and affection to others. 

Deep down, you really are a wonderful person, you love to be kind, and give to others. You thrive off social contact and connection. This angel number reminds you of that.

This number is also a sign of all of your good qualities, such as open-mindedness, generosity, loving nature, and your ability to form strong bonds with friends, family, and all who meet you.

Keep hold of those qualities, as they will bring you great fulfillment and peace in your life. 

That being said, be mindful of how much of yourself you pour into your relationships. It may not be reciprocated.

You may sometimes be giving too much of yourself to others, who would not do the same for you, which can hurt your feelings, and damage your self-worth.

Be kind to those only who deserve your time, efforts, and attention, and who treat you with great respect. 

If you are unsure of your path, seeing this angel number is a reminder that you can always consult your guardian angels, as they are eternal with you to offer you guidance, and help you become the best version of yourself that you can be. 

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of 22:20

In this case, we have two very energetic and powerful angel numbers, 2 and 0. What is apparent here is the number two, and the zero only strengthens its power, seeing as the energy the number zero carries is infinite. 

The number zero represents circles of life, of eternity, of wholeness, and fullness.

It represents the karmic circle, whereas the number two represents balance, partnership, and harmony. These are both powerful numbers indeed. 

These numbers represent the relationships you have with others, filled with cooperation, kindness, unconditional, never ending love, and care. They are a sign that your friendships and relationships are only going to grow stronger in the near future.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, the number 22:20 is a triple mirror hour. This is one that is very fortunate to witness indeed. It is a sign that you are protected by the angel of healing and fertility.

He will bring you great things in your future, particularly in your relationships and connections with others. 

This triple hour is all about prosperity and balance, which you will soon find in your everyday life. 

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