Triple Hour 21:11 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

Have you been seeing the number 21:11 everywhere you turn? This is not by coincidence. The numbers have a much deeper meaning about you and your life. You may see numbers all around you…on your watch, your clock, on your phone, on schedules, you name it. If you see a specific sequence of numbers then these are what we call mirror hours. 

Seeing mirror hours on the clock is a link between the spiritual world and the physical world. They are one of the many signs and symbols that are sent to us from the Universe.

These messages from the angels are omens that can help us understand ourselves and our paths in life. 

You are here because you want to know about the hour 21:11 that you have been seeing. This is what we call a triple mirror hour. In this guide, we will go over the spiritual, numerological and complete meaning behind 21:11. This is a triple mirror hour. So, what exactly is a triple hour? Read on to learn more! 

What Is A Triple Hour?

When you look at a digital clock, you may not put much thought into the numbers that stare back at you. However, sometimes, when you see certain numbers something different may stir in you.

This is because deep down you know that it’s not a coincidence, you know that it has a special meaning for you. 

A triple hour is an extension of the mirror hour. A mirror hour occurs when the numbers on a digital clock are the same on each side. For example, a mirror hour would be 01:01, 02:02 and so on. 

Triple mirror hours are a little different, and slightly harder to notice. This is because they are not mirrored or symmetrical like mirror hours. Triple hours occur when three numbers of four on the digital clock are the same and in sequence. For example, a triple hour would be 23:33, or in our case, 21:11. As you can see, the three number ones occur one after the other, hence the term triple. 

If you have seen or witnessed a triple hour often recently, then there are some powerful forces around you. The angels have a message for you that must be interpreted. You are meant to see these numbers, as they will provide you with some purpose and guidance in life. 

A triple hour can have many different interpretations, so we are here to help you understand them and find out what these signs mean for you. So, what is the significance of 21:11?

What Is The Significance Of 21:11?

The guardian angel who protects you and watches over the triple hour 21:11 is named Mehiel. This angel is one of inspiration and protection.

Because you have been shown this triple hour, it is a sign that the angel Mehiel is offering his divine protection and care, and you will be safe from all evil spirits and dark forces. 

This angel can also protect you from tyranny, authoritarianism, betrayal and disloyalty. This means that you are safe from people who wish to overpower you, but also from yourself becoming a tyrant or losing yourself in negative behaviors. 

In addition, seeing this hour is also a sign that the guardian angels are there to help you and guide you on your journey. They will do so by offering you solutions to your problems.

If you feel stuck in a rut, and unsure how to take the right steps forward, then the angels can help you find your path in life. 

You will also find clarity in your life, and an open mind. The angels will give you innovative answers to your questions. With this, you will be able to do great things. You will find the fruits of your efforts bountiful. 

Mehiel is also the angel who will bring you great strength in times of hardship and difficulty, and will guide you in everything you do. This angel will also help you gain greater knowledge of the realm of science and technology.

The angel Mehiel will support you in all things intellectual, technological and programming. 

If you are struggling to progress, due to physical weaknesses or intellectual downfalls, then this angel will be your protector and patron to help you back on your feet.

This angel can also help you with your health, and can not only restore your body but your mind too. If you have lost your way, and have lost motivation or drive for your goals, then Mehiel will help you find your path. 

In seeing this mirror hour, the angels are trying to tell you to fix your shortcomings, such as your willingness to seek others’ approval, and please people so that you are well thought of. This will help you make a great change in your life. 

What Does 21:11 Mean In Terms Of Numerology? 

To find out what the numerology behind the mirror hour 21:11 is, we generally add together the numbers that we see. This brings us to the total of 32. The triple hour 21:11 and the number 32 is very much about your professional life and your career. 

In seeing this hour, it is a sign that you need to push yourself more, and reach for your professional goals. You may need to change your behaviors in order to see better results and be more productive. 

This angel number seeks to highlight the issues in your life. It will encourage you to pinpoint the problems, obstacles and delays in your professional life that are stopping you from moving forward. 

The angel number 32 tells you to get up and stop being lazy, stop procrastinating, and fight for motivation. It tells you not to be discouraged or dissuaded from your path, but to keep moving forward.

This will help you progress both professionally and personally. It will give you the drive to persevere and retain your willpower. 

This number is also a reminder that you need to take a moment and wait before you act or before you speak. Let yourself gather your thoughts and the wisdom to speak clearly. If you do not, then you could push away others accidentally, and this will stand in the way of your personal happiness. 

This angel number 32 is also a sign that you should harness your power, your personal achievements and your natural talents. Your hobbies and the things that you love can bring you great joy, but can also bring happiness into other people’s lives and inspire them. 

This angel number is also one that represents your communication skills and your charisma. In seeing this angel number 32 within the triple hour 21:11, it is a sign that the angels want you to have more faith in yourself and your talents.

You may not already have this confidence, but you need it. If you ever feel doubtful of yourself, then you should look to your guardian angels and Mehiel for guidance in moments of uncertainty. 

This number is also a lot about communication. It reminds you to talk openly with others, and be honest with yourself and with those close to you. You can be a shoulder to cry on for others, and offer them your help and support whenever they require it. This will also be returned to you. 

In a similar way, it is a reminder that all you put out into the universe will be returned to you. If you put out good things, positive energy, then positive things will be returned to you.

You have to remain kind and optimistic. In doing so, you will find great balance and harmony. If you feel you cannot do this, then seek your guardian angels for support.  

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of 21:11?

The triple hour 21:11 is made up of two numbers – 2 and 1. In this case, the number 1 is the most dominant as it appears three times. The number one is all about individuality, leadership and authority. It can also be about ambition.

These are all things that you need in order to succeed in your professional career. 

The number two represents kindness, cooperation, friendliness, socialization and love. These are all also needed in order to progress. These are always positive and useful traits to have.

Seeing these numbers in the triple hour 21:11 is a sign that you need to focus on these qualities of yours, and allow them to grow within you. 

What Do I Do If I See 21:11?

If you see the triple hour 21:11 everywhere you seem to look, then it cannot be ignored. You should do everything in your power to listen to the angel’s message, and respond accordingly.

You have been shown this triple hour because the angels want to know that you are protected, and will act as your guide. 


To summarize, the mirror hour 21:11 is a triple hour. This triple hour is watched over by the angel Mehiel, who is the angel of inspiration, who will help you overcome obstacles and fight off evil forces or things that seek to stand in your way.

The triple hour 21:11 is being shown to you because you need to think about your actions, and be more supportive of yourself and others. You may have been shown this triple hour because you have lost your way, and the angels want to let you know that you can change your ways in order to progress yourself. 

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