The Six Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Have you had the Six of Pentacles in your tarot card reading and don’t know what it means? Maybe you were given an interpretation but want to know what else the card could mean?

Working out what the Six of Pentacles Tarot card means can be tricky, especially if you have never had a reading before.

Today, we are here with a complete breakdown of all the possible meanings of the Six of Pentacles Tarot card! Whether the card is upright or reversed, we have the meaning for you and some tips on how you can use the meaning to make changes in your life. 

Let’s dive straight in and get you the answers you need! 

Upright Six Of Pentacles Tarot Card General Meaning 

Generally, the upright Six of Pentacles represents kindness, gifts, and generosity.

Someone in your life might be generous towards you with their time, wisdom, knowledge, gifts, and money. 

The card might also suggest you are the one with wealth and prosperity and are in a position to share and help others. The card also suggests charity, donations, support, and sharing. 

If you are in a difficult position currently, the card is telling you there is help available to you.

Someone will support or assist you, all you need to do is reach out! You might also feel a strong sense of community spirit or want to help those around you when this card appears.

It is the card of control and power too.

You might find yourself in a position of authority or being well-respected by others when you see the card.

The Six of Pentacles tends to be a positive card, it represents fairness, equality, and being valued, rewarded, or well-paid for your hard work. 

If you are doing well when the card appears, be sure to share your good fortune with others around you, especially those struggling! 

Now that we have established the general meaning of the Six of Pentacles, let’s dive in deeper and take a closer look at some of these meanings! 


Health-wise, the Six of Pentacles suggests an improvement in your wellness and general health.

If you have been struggling with an illness, the card suggests you need to reach out for support and help from others.

Doing so will help you heal and get the medical support you need. 

Love And Relationships

If you are in a relationship, the Six of Pentacles indicates you and your partner will be generous and kind to one another. This is a good card to get! Be sure to maintain the balance of give and take in the relationship, though.

You don’t want one person to be taking too much from the other, without giving in return. 

If you keep the balance, then your relationship can go from strength to strength! You can expect a period of positivity and prosperity when the card appears in your reading. 

If you are single, the Six of Pentacles suggests you will meet someone kind and generous toward you.

The card also indicates that being generous with your time and energy could lead you to meet someone new! Be open and giving and the universe will reward you! 

Money And Career 

Career-wise, the Tarot card suggests employment and being valued in your workplace.

Again, this is a good card to get in your Tarot reading!

It is also a good card to get if you are considering changing careers or job hunting, as it suggests you will be more successful than you first thought! 

The card also suggests that someone in a position of power will be generous toward you.

This could be your boss, or business associate offering you their time, advice, and support, or giving you a financial bonus. Whatever their display of generosity is, it is sure to be well appreciated by you! 

If you are in business, the Six of Pentacles is a good omen of generosity and gifts.

The card also represents charitable donations and charity. You might be the benefactor or beneficiary of generosity when you see this card. The surrounding cards in your reading will help to confirm this. 

Financially, the Six of Pentacles is a good card to get. It represents prosperity and wealth, along with financial rewards.

These rewards will come your way if you have been working hard. Soon you will reap the benefits of your hard work! 


The Six of Pentacles suggests you are in a position to share your knowledge or spiritual wisdom with others.

The card can also suggest that you need others to share their knowledge and wisdom with you. 

Whichever way it is, make sure to reach out to others. You will benefit from doing so regardless, and could gain some new knowledge from it! 

Reversed Six Of Pentacles Tarot Card General Meaning

The reversed Six of Pentacles has a slightly different meaning, so let’s take a look at it now.

Generally, the card represents gifts that come with strings or conditions attached, meanness, or a lack of generosity. 

Someone might show you generosity, but they have ulterior motives or might use their position to make you subservient to them. This is not a good situation for you to be in!

Be wary of anyone offering you gifts when this card appears. 

If you are in a position of power, the reversed Tarot card suggests you are using your power for ill means. The card also represents a lack of community spirit or lack of generosity.

The card also represents extortion, being scammed, or fake charities. 

When the reversed Six of Pentacles appears, you need to assess if you are becoming too greedy, mean, or in the other extreme, being too gullible or too generous. Take some time to consider all of these carefully. 

The card also suggests you are groveling to someone with authority, wealth, or power. The card also suggests that someone is behaving this way towards you. 

Now that we have established a general meaning of the card, let’s dive in a little deeper and take a closer look at the meaning of the reversed Six of Pentacles. 


Health-wise, the reversed Six of Pentacles suggests that delaying reaching out for help and support with your health could make a medical issue worse!

It could also cause poor health, so be sure to seek medical help as soon as you have an issue! 

Love And Relationships

If you are in a relationship, the reversed Six of Pentacles is not a good card to get. It suggests your relationship lacks balance. You or your partner might be abusing your power or dominating the other.

One of you might also have become subservient or too dependent on the other. 

The card also suggests that one of you is abusing the other’s good nature. You might be taking too much and not giving anything in return.

This lack of balance can be detrimental to your relationship and will cause serious problems if it is not rectified. 

If you are single, the reversed card suggests that meanness or greed is putting potential partners off!

You might have put up barriers by not having a kind and open approach when you meet new potential partners. 

Alternatively, you might be too generous and let new people take advantage of you and your kindness! Take some time here to find the balance that you need.

You will need to be open to the possibility of meeting someone new and trusting them, but be aware and don’t allow yourself to be played! 

Money And Career

Career-wise, the reversed Tarot card isn’t a good card to receive. It suggests you are being under-appreciated, under-valued, unemployed, or being fired from a workplace.

The card suggests someone in a position of power is being generous towards you with an ulterior motive.

They might also be abusing their position of power. 

If you have a senior role, the card reminds you to be kind and generous to those you work with. Make sure you are kind to people you meet on your way up, as you could meet them again on your way down!

No one is secure in their role, and you need to remember that. 

The card can also indicate you might become a yes-person to people in senior positions. While there is nothing wrong with getting on well with co-workers or your boss, you must be true to yourself!

Keep your self-respect and don’t say yes to anything that goes against who you are. 

If you are in business, the card suggests investors or banks are unwilling to back you. 

Financially the reversed Six of Pentacles represents bad financial management or debts. The card also represents a lack of generosity or charity.

If you are doing well financially, don’t be greedy! Make sure that you share your fortune with others. 

However, you need to take care not to overdo it. The card also suggests the other extreme, where you are so generous that others take advantage. This could be scams, fake charities, extortion, or being conned. Make sure you are cautious in your financial matters. 

The reversed Tarot card also suggests being underpaid, or financial woes getting worse because you did not listen to advice or seek the support available to you. 


The reversed Six of Pentacles represents one-sided generosity.

This might be you giving your time and energy to others but not getting anything in return or being subservient to someone because they give you wisdom, or making others subservient to you because they respect you. 

This is not what generosity means! If you are sharing your knowledge or wisdom with others, make sure they are not taking advantage of you.

Make sure no one is becoming too dependent or subservient to you or you to them! 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, all the possible meanings of the upright and reversed Six of Pentacles Tarot card. No matter how or where the card appears in your reading, be sure to listen to the message it is telling you and offer kindness to others without being taken advantage of. 

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