The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

Are you interested in Tarot card readings and want to know what the Devil Tarot card means?

Maybe you have recently attended a reading and want to know what the Devil Tarot card in your cards means for you? Or are you curious and want to know more?

Deciphering Tarot card readings and their meanings can be tricky, especially if you have never had a reading before.

You can easily find yourself overwhelmed, spending hours searching or consulting with dusty old books, and still not have the answer you need!

You start to wonder what secrets the cards are trying to reveal to you and if you will ever know their meaning. 

We have a complete guide below that covers all the possible meanings of the Devil Tarot card, both upright and reversed, to help you learn more about your reading and the steps you can take in your life moving forward. 

Upright General Meaning 

Let’s start by looking at the general meaning and interpretation of the Devil Tarot card when it is displayed upright. Generally, the card signifies addiction or depression.

The Devil tarot card can also be a sign of feeling restricted or trapped. If this card appears in your Tarot spread, you can feel like outside influences or forces are restricting you, leaving you to feel victimized and powerless.

It’s worth remembering that these feelings are an illusion created by The Devil. They want you to feel this way, but you are always in control of your destiny! It is your actions and attitude that will determine your life. Be sure not to give away or give up your power. 

You can do this by not tolerating any negativity, abuse, or manipulation from anyone. You must focus on the positives in your life. No matter how dark things might seem, there is always a positive that you can hold onto.

Make sure that you are always treating others positively and aren’t trying to control or manipulate anyone either. 

While this is the general meaning of an upright Devil Tarot card, it can also signify materialism and can be a sign you are concerned with status, power, or other material items.

Remember, these material or superficial items do not define you as a person and will not leave you feeling fulfilled.

Now that we have looked at the upright Devil Tarot card generally, let’s move on to look at the card and its possible meanings in closer detail! 


First, let’s look at what the Devil Tarot card can mean from a health perspective. It can suggest poor health that has been caused by overeating, alcoholism, drug addiction, or other harmful behavior.

It can also suggest poor mental health. You might be struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, bipolar, or other mental health illnesses. 

Remember, the Tarot cards are not a replacement for a doctor. You must seek medical help if you are worried about your mental or physical health, instead of using Tarot cards to diagnose you!

While the cards can provide insight into your health, it is always best to seek medical help and advice if you feel unwell or are concerned. 

The Devil Tarot card can also be a sign of a silent illness, such as high blood pressure. If you are concerned about this, be sure to see your doctor! They can perform the necessary tests to confirm the diagnosis and provide medication or a treatment plan where necessary. 

If you are unwell, the Devil will tell you not to let it define you. That is true, you are so much more than any illness you have been diagnosed with.

But you must not push it to one side. Be sure that you follow the correct procedure to care for yourself. Make sure you are not excessively limiting yourself, though.

You don’t need to wrap yourself up in bubble wrap, instead, take the necessary precautions without them defining your life. 

Love And Relationships 

The Devil Tarot card can suggest that you or your partner might be feeling trapped in your relationship. Maybe there is a loss of freedom caused by one, or both, of you becoming too engrossed in the relationship.

Co-dependency can be unhealthy and cause friction in your relationship, so be sure to take a step back and look at your relationship carefully.

Maybe now is the time to rediscover some interests you or your partner has outside of your relationship. 

The Devil tarot card can also suggest that you or your partner is suffering from poor mental health, which can impact your relationship. In this case, make sure you seek professional help.

Speak to your doctor, but it is also worth consulting a counselor to help you and your partner.

They can provide you with guidance on navigating mental health struggles and any difficult times in your relationship that are caused by you or your partner’s health. 

The tarot card can also be a sign of cheating, envy, deception, jealousy, dominance, or in some cases abuse. This abuse can be verbal, physical, or even sexual and should not be tolerated in any situation.

Supporting cards can confirm this possible meaning, so don’t jump to conclusions unless the supporting cards are there! 

If you are feeling trapped in your relationship, remember that you have the power to remove yourself from the situation. You might need to reach out for support to do so, but you are capable, even if the Devil Tarot is making you feel otherwise. 

If you are single, the Devil Tarot card could suggest sex without love. This could be referring to dangerous or unfulfilling sexual encounters. You might be being used by people that are not appreciating or caring for you because you want to feel loved.

In these cases, the relationships and encounters you are having could be dangerous or cause you emotional harm. The Devil indicates danger, so consider carefully the people you are letting into your life, and remove any that could cause you harm.

Money And Career

Career wise, the Devil Tarot card can suggest that you hate your job or feel trapped there. It is time to evaluate what you want from your career and whether you need to move or not to achieve your career goals.

Even if you stay in a job you hate, you are choosing to do so. Only you can free yourself of this situation, so decide what you want from your career and follow your dreams. 

The Devil Tarot card can also suggest that a colleague or someone you know in a career contect is trying to sabotage you. They might be doing so to get an upper hand in their career, such as a promotion over you. Don’t give out your trust blindly! 

Financially, the Devil Tarot can suggest money might be tight and that you could be the cause of your limited funds! Consider your budget and how you are spending your money carefully.

It is too easy for your spending to spiral out of control, so now might be the time to put a pause on any gambling or risky investments. 


Spiritually, a Devil Tarot card can suggest you are becoming too materialistic. You can change this mindset by focusing on non-material pleasures in life like connecting to your spiritual side or spending time with family or friends that you cherish. 

The Devil Tarot card can also suggest that you have a lack of hope, which could be holding you back from the light and a more positive light. Remember, like attracts like, so in your darkest moments, you need to work hard to radiate light and positivity.

Only by channeling these feelings can you attract more light and positivity to your life, helping to lift you out of the darkness. 

At times of anxiety and depression, you must surround yourself with a loving and supportive network. This network might consist of family, friends, work colleagues, or anyone in your life that you trust and that makes you feel supported.

Avoid anyone who is overly critical or negative towards you.

Those feelings will not help you heal! You should also consider some healing energy to help remove any negativity you might willingly or unwillingly be holding onto. 

Reversed Devil Tarot Card General Meaning

The Devil Tarot card can also appear reversed. When the card is reversed, it has a slightly different meaning. Generally, it can mean you are aware things have trapped you in your life, and you have been allowing them to continue trapping you.

If you are struggling with mental illness, harmful behavior, or addiction, the reversed Devil Tarot card appearing can be the sign you need to take control of your life and your health. 

The reversed Devil Tarot card can suggest you want to be free of these problems that are trapping you and are starting to feel motivated to do so. Changing your mindset and your life is never easy, but change is necessary to gain control over your life and start living the life you want to live! 

The card can also suggest that you have had a near miss with a negative or harmful person or situation. You should be grateful to have had the near miss, but also take some time to reflect and learn from the near miss.

You worked well to avoid the negative situation, make sure you appreciate your good fortune and work to maintain it. 


In a healthy Tarot spread, the reversed Devil card is a good omen indicating that you are stopping harmful habits and beginning your journey of recovery. If you struggle with addiction, this card can show you have the strength to overcome it. 

You will want to stay strong and focused, especially if you have any mental health issues like anxiety or depression. The card should act as your sign to continue working on yourself and your mental health. Don’t fall back into old habits, instead, keep striving and improving! 

Love And Relationships

The reversed Devil Tarot card can suggest that you and your partner are feeling stuck in your relationship, or that the relationship is failing, but you are moving through these feelings and coming out the other side!

You might also have been considering doing something harmful to your relationship, like an affair, but instead chose your relationship. 

If you are in an abusive relationship, you might have realized you deserve more and found the strength to leave. Or you might have noticed that the power your partner has over you is starting to wane. 

If you are single, the reversed Devil Tarot card can suggest you have had a close call with a negative or dangerous person. It might also suggest you have previously felt stuck being single, but are now more aware of yourself and any behavior that was hindering your chance of finding love.

You might want to take some time to consider your behaviors or the freedom to be yourself that being single offers. Instead of being miserable about being single, enjoy it! 

Money And Career

Career wise, the reversed Devil card shows how you are becoming more aware of your behavior and choices that have influenced your circumstances. This awareness suggests you are ready to take the necessary steps to work towards your career and financial goals. 

If you felt stuck due to any financial limitations, or that you were too focused on making money or materialistic items, you might be starting to refocus your thoughts and explore what you truly need for a fulfilled and happy life.

This motivation is precious, so be sure to seize it and don’t fall back into any old habits. 

If you have been gambling or taking big risks with your money, you are starting to gain control of yourself and your spending. 


Just like the general meaning, the reversed Devil tarot card can suggest you have avoided a dangerous situation. Spiritually, the card suggests the universe has been kind to you and provided you with the opportunity to learn your lesson without any dire consequences. 

Take some time to learn from this lesson to avoid ending up in a potentially dangerous situation again. The reversed Devil card also suggests you are returning from darkness to the light, such as emerging from a period of sadness, depression, or a return to a higher consciousness. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, all the possible meanings the Devil Tarot card could mean! Make sure you consider the other cards in your reading and how these meanings could influence the Devil Tarot card.

No matter what the cards say, you can take these meanings and interpretations to reset and refocus your life and move towards a more positive mindset.

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