The Six Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Have you had the Six of Swords Tarot card in your reading and don’t know what it means? Maybe you were given an interpretation, but don’t know what else the card could mean?

Keep reading to find out what the Six of Swords Tarot card means. We have the upright and reversed meanings all listed below for you to check out! Plus, we have some tips about how you can use this reading to influence your life. 

Upright Six Of Swords Tarot Card General Meaning

Let’s begin with a general meaning of the upright Six of Swords Tarot card! Generally, the card represents moving on, progress, moving into calmer waters, or moving forward.

The card suggests relief, healing, stability, and overcoming hardship.

You can expect any problems in your life to settle down. Issues will also become a lot easier to deal with! 

The card also represents journeys, running away, escape, traveling, and holidays, the card also represents feeling deflated or lethargic after a tough time. It can also represent the calm after the storm.

The Six of Swords also represents spirit guides and guidance. 

Now that we have looked at the general meaning of the card, let’s dive in and look at some of the meanings in closer detail! 


Health-wise, the card suggests an illness being brought under control. It can also suggest that symptoms will ease or be easier to control. It’s a good card to get if you have been struggling with an illness lately. 

You might feel drained or tired when the card appears, but things will start moving in the right direction.

Keep positive, good times are on their way! It’s also worth considering a short break, a change of scenery will do you a world of good! 

Love And Relationships

If you are in a relationship, the Six of Swords card suggests that your relationship is entering calmer waters after a period of trouble. Stability, healing, and open communication are coming into the fore now and your relationship will enter a positive time. 

If you are single, the card also suggests a period of healing. You have made it through the heartache of previous relationships and are now ready to move forward in your life.

You might feel slightly deflated if you put a lot of effort into your previous relationship and didn’t get that back.

Make sure you do not hold onto any negativity from this. 

You have made it through the bad times and can allow healthy relationships to enter your life. If your previous partner was abusive, the card suggests a time of healing after you found the strength to leave. 

Money And Career

Career-wise, the Six of Swords suggest that things will calm down at work. You will enter an easier phase where things will feel under control.

You should find it easier to complete tasks and projects and achieve your goals, now is a good time in your career! You might have even moved jobs into a role that is better for you. 

The card also suggests traveling overseas for work or business or moving to new premises. 

Financially, the Six of Swords suggests you are moving into a calmer time. You are overcoming hardship and should feel relief from any financial issues you have had. However, the card comes with a warning.

You cannot run away from financial issues. You need to deal with any financial issues you are having if you want peace of mind. 

If your finances have been going well, this card suggests this will continue.

However, do not start wasting money or get cocky.

You will want to consider the supporting cards and placement of the cards that will confirm the meaning of the card. 


The Six of Swords suggests that your spirit guides are surrounding you, guiding you to the wisdom you need. When this card appears, pay attention to your dreams, visions, and intuitions.

They are trying to tell you something important and will not lead you astray. 

Reversed Six Of Swords Tarot Card General Meaning 

The reversed Six of Swords Tarot has a slightly different meaning, so let’s take a look at it now. Generally, the reversed card suggests a lack of progress or moving into troubled waters.

The card suggests you feel restricted, trapped, overwhelmed, stuck, and have nowhere to flee. 

The card also suggests rocking boats, stormy times, instability, and causing trouble. Your life will be a little turbulent when the reversed Six of Swords appears in your Tarot reading. 

It also suggests slow healing. The reversed Tarot also represents returning from travel or disrupted and canceled holidays. Plans might be changed or abandoned. The reversed Six of Swords suggests accidents in the water or floods. 

Now that we have established what the card generally means, let’s take a closer look at some of the meanings now! 


Health-wise, the card suggests recovery from an injury or illness will take longer than you expected. There might be setbacks or delays in healing that leave you feeling like your health is up in the air.

It can be hard but try not to let this instability overwhelm you.

It will pass and balance will be restored, allowing your body to heal. 

Love And Relationships

If you are in a relationship, the reversed Six of Swords suggests your relationship is stormy at the moment. You might be going through a rough patch that could leave you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or trapped in the relationship.

The relationship might also not be progressing how you would like. 

The reversed Tarot card also suggests a third-party might be causing issues in your relationship. If you are planning to get married, the card suggests eloping instead. 

If you are single, the card suggests you are entering a period of disruption in your love life. This might also be a time when there is a lack of progress or not a lot is happening.

The wounds from previous relationships aren’t healing quickly and could leave you feeling overwhelmed. 

This card is a warning that you need to give yourself time to heal. Even if this healing takes longer than you want, allow yourself the time. If you jump into a new relationship without healing, things might not work out well. 

Money And Career 

Career-wise, the reversed Six of Swords suggest that work might be turbulent. Someone might be causing you trouble in the workplace, or you might feel trapped in a job you don’t enjoy.

There might be canceled or changed plans or delays when it comes to completing projects or tasks. 

The card also suggests travel overseas for work might be canceled or disrupted. Keep an eye out for any changes! 

Financially, the card suggests you are running away from financial woes. Now is not the time to hide from your problems, even if you aren’t sure how to handle the situation.

Take some time to assess what is happening and seek financial advice to help get your finances under control! 


The reversed Six of Swords suggests you are having issues sensing your spirit guides or are having delays in your progress on your spiritual path.

This can leave you feeling frustrated or stuck. 

Here you need to relax. Take comfort in knowing that your abilities will progress as they are meant to. There will be times when you progress quickly and times when it takes longer. It is all part of the universe’s plan for you, do not fret. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, all the possible meanings of the Six of Swords Tarot card! Whether the card appears upright or reversed, you must remember the times of trouble will not last forever.

Make sure you allow yourself time to heal, it is the only way you will move forward and can enjoy the periods of calm and positivity in your life. 

Don’t forget to look at the other cards in your reading and their placement of them to help you better understand the meaning of your Six of Swords card. You can be sure that this is the card of movement, whether that is moving into a period of calm or instability in your life, movement is on its way! 

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