The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

Has the Moon card appeared in your Tarot reading and you want to know what it means? Maybe you aren’t sure what the upright or reversed Moon Tarot card means and want some clarity?

Or are you new to the world of Tarot card readings and want to know more?

Deciphering Tarot card meanings and applying them to your life can be tricky. Everyone seems to offer a different interpretation, leaving you feeling confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

You just want to know what the cards mean and if you should adjust your behaviors going forward, but are left unsure where to turn or who to trust. 

Keep reading to see all the possible meanings of the Moon Tarot card now! 

Upright Moon Tarot Card General Meaning 

Generally, the Moon Tarot card has a few meanings, the main one being that things are not as they appear. It is the Major Arcana Tarot card of intuition.

When this card appears, it can suggest something or someone in your life is not what they appear to be. You should trust your instincts to help you see past any illusions. 

The Moon can also suggest you need to be aware of the subconscious and look for any signs or messages you might have missed. You could also be letting fear consume you. This can harm your outlook on life, leaving you with mood swings, anxiety, or insecurities. 

For women, the card can represent their menstrual cycle and that they could experience issues or irregularities here. The Moon Tarot card can suggest some repressed issues or insecurities are boiling to the surface, which can cause issues in your personal life. 

The card can also represent dodgy deals or illegal behavior. In this context, the card is a warning. You should rectify your behavior before your actions are exposed! The Moon card can also suggest that any answers or decisions you are waiting for could be delayed, adding to any confusion you might have. 

Now that we have looked at the general meaning of this card, let’s move on to look at the Moon Tarot card in closer detail and what it can mean for your personal and professional life. 

Love And Relationships

The Moon Tarot card in a love reading can suggest that you are feeling insecure or uncertain in your relationship. Even if your relationship seems perfect to others, the Moon suggests things aren’t what they seem.

You might be experiencing some miscommunication in your relationship which could drive a wedge between you and your partner. The Mood card can also be a sign of deception.

There might also be some previous insecurities or issues that are rising to the surface. You must take the time to deal with these old issues and ensure they are resolved or they will continue to plague your relationship. 

When you get a Moon Tarot card in a relationship reading, you must not panic. Try to keep calm and avoid jumping to conclusions. You will want to gather all the facts before having an honest and open discussion with your partner. 

If you are single, the Moon Tarot card can suggest someone is attempting to deceive or con you. Be mindful if you are dating that the person’s intentions might not be as honorable as you were led to believe.

Take some time to step back and consider the facts you have. There might be more information yet to reveal itself, so avoid making any commitments until you know more. 

Career And Money 

If the Moon Tarot card appears in a career contact, it can suggest you are anxious or uncertain about the direction of your career. You could be experiencing some miscommunication between you and your superiors or colleagues at work which could be causing problems for you.

Also, someone might be holding back information from you, leaving you without the vital information you need to make a big decision about your career. 

Financially, the Moon tarot card means you should be wary about any investments or financial gambles as you might not have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Someone might be deceiving you to swindle you out of money! It can’t hurt to trust your instincts here, if any deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is! 


Health-wise, the Moon Tarot card can be a sign of mental health issues. The card can suggest you are struggling with depression or anxiety and that you should trust your instincts when it comes to your health.

If you are concerned about your mental or physical health or have felt unwell recently, speak to your doctor. 

Make sure that you are firm at your appointment to get the tests you feel you need. You will want to be as thorough as possible here, to ensure that every avenue is explored. After all, your health is precious, and any concerns must be taken seriously.

For females, the Moon Tarot card can suggest a health issue linked to hormonal imbalances or your menstrual cycle. You will want to monitor this carefully in the coming months and seek medical advice where necessary. 


Spirituality, the Moon is a wonderful card to get, as its focus is intuition. If healing work or psychic development is an interest of yours, you will now find that everything flows naturally.

You will be open to receiving messages from spirits with this card!

Make sure you pay attention to any gut feelings, visions, dreams, or thoughts you have! Your spirit guides could be trying to tell you something important.

Allow yourself some time for peace and meditation to help you better understand what these messages could mean. 

Reversed Moon Tarot Card General Meaning 

Generally speaking, the reversed Moon Tarot card suggests negative energy clearing or any fears being released. Any lies or secrets might be revealed to you or about you soon, along with any anxiety or depression clearing. 

If you have lost something, a reversed Moon card suggests you will find the item now. The Major Arcana card can also suggest delusions or self-deceptions, both healthwise or in your relationships.

You must spend some time to step back and consider these thoughts, separating them into truth and fiction to help you see your life clearly, 

The reversed Moon card can also suggest you will work through any insecurities or repressed issues to find clarity and new self-confidence! The Moon also suggests you will get answers or clarity on any news you are waiting for. 

Now that we have established what the reversed Moon card can mean generally, let’s dive in to look at what it can mean in closer detail! 

Love And Relationships 

The reversed Moon tarot card suggests that secrets or deception in your relationship will be unveiled. An affair might be exposed, or a lie you or your partner told could come to light.

You might have been lying to yourself about your happiness in the relationship and are about to realize this. Perhaps you were blinded to your or your partner’s faults, and now the reversed Moon Tarot is here to show you the way! 

If you are single, the reversed Moon card can suggest you are regaining your self-confidence or composure after a time of uncertainty.

It can also suggest you are ignoring signs from your instincts that a potential partner is not the right choice for you. Are you ignoring any warning signs or red flags a person is showing you because you are in denial?

Or are you letting the desire for a relationship blind you to the truth? Take a step back to truly evaluate the situation before you move forward. 

Career And Money 

If you work in a creative or artistic field, a reversed Moon Tarot card suggests you are suffering from a creative block. This could be writer’s block or struggling to know what to paint or create next. 

In a general career context, you might be experiencing instability or uncertainty in your career. But don’t worry, the reversed Moon card suggests that this uncertainty is starting to pass.

This might be down to you deciding on a new career path or that your options are becoming clearer. This clarity can help you feel more confident and ready to go after your goals. 

Financially, the reversed Moon card can suggest any confusion around managing your finances could begin to clear. It can also indicate that deception is about to be exposed to you, or has already been exposed to you.

If your gut is telling you not to invest money, commit to lending it, or strike up a new business deal, pause and listen to your gut. Something or someone is not being entirely honest about their financial intentions. 


The reversed Moon card can be a positive one health-wise! It suggests that any mental health issues like anxiety or depression are easing. You could be moving from dark health periods, into more positive ones. 

However, the reversed Moon card can also suggest you are struggling to separate reality from fantasy. If the supporting cards in your reading are negative, they can indicate illnesses involving delusions or paranoia becoming worse. 

Generally speaking, a reversed Moon card in a health context suggests stability is returning to your health. If you are awaiting test results, or a diagnosis, some clarity around your health problems could be on its way to you! 


Spirituality-wise, the reversed Moon card can suggest you are misinterpreting, ignoring, or blocking messages spirits are trying to give you! This card could be a sign you are not tuning into your psychic powers, or that your intuition is being clouded. Despite being reversed, the intuitive nature of the Moon is still present, be sure to spend some time tuning into it. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, all the meanings of the Moon Tarot card! Whether the card appears in a relationship context, health, career, or spirituality, now you will know what it means and how you can use its meanings to influence your life and future decisions.

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