Are Libra Men and Taurus Women Compatible? – Will a Relationship Work?

When you think about romantic compatibility, you may not initially think of pairing an Earth sign with an Air sign.

Earth signs tend to be very grounded while air signs tend to, quite literally, have their heads up in the clouds, and this can cause clashes between the two. So, you might expect these signs to be pretty incompatible. 

However, they actually are a lot more compatible than you might expect. Through clear communication, these two signs can get on the same page as one another and their differences can really benefit one another. 

In this guide, we’re focusing on the Earth sign, Taurus, and Air Sign, Libra, to assess their compatibility. So, if you have ever wondered if a relationship between a Libra man and a Taurus woman will work out, you’re in the right place. 

Things Libra Men Like in Taurus Women

Let’s start off by taking a look at some of the things that the Libra man likes most about the Taurus woman. 

Their Sensuality

Taurus tends to be a very sensual sign, and the Libra man finds this very attractive about the Taurus woman.

For Libras, their relationship with their romantic partner really is one of the most important parts of their life, so the Taurus’s sensuality is incredibly attractive. 

Libras are very talented sexual beings, and this is perfectly complemented by the Taurus’s sensual side.

They find the Taurus immensely attractive because of her sensuality, and this is really one of the first things that attract them to her. 

Libras are naturally very attractive individuals, and this is perfectly reflected in the Taurus woman. 

Their Ability to Help Him Be More Decisive

Libras are naturally very indecisive individuals.

They are people pleasers, so they rarely stand by their opinions or what they want.

Instead, they are willing to just go with the flow to make those around them happier. This is something that puts a lot of zodiac signs off of the Libra man, however, he likes that the Taurus woman helps make him a little more decisive. 

Instead of feeling like he simply has to go with whatever the Taurus wants to make her happy, the Libra man will feel encouraged to say how he feels and what he wants.

Through their relationship, the Libra man will find himself making more decisions within the relationship, and this can really help with his personal growth. 

The Taurus woman helps make the Libra man a better person, and he really likes that about her. 

Their Desire for Romance

Of all the zodiac signs, Libra really is one of the biggest hopeless romantics.

Those born under this zodiac dream of finding a romantic partner, forming a life together, and settling down with them.

This is also a big desire of those born under the Taurus zodiac. 

The Libra man finds it refreshing that in the Taurus woman, he has found someone that is just as romantic as him. Just like him, she dreams of a future with her partner and lets herself get carried away in the idea of a fairytale romance. 

The Libra’s need for romance can be a little off-putting for some zodiac signs which find it all too intense. But not Taurus, and the Libra man really appreciate that. 

Things Libra Men Dislike in Taurus Women

Now, let’s take a look at some of the things that the Libra man dislikes about the Taurus woman. 

Their Need to Express Their Emotions

Something that Libra commonly struggles with is conflict, and because of this, they can struggle when their romantic partners tend to be intensely emotional. 

Libras are very balanced, and they don’t enjoy arguments or any form of conflict.

If their partner is a very emotional person then the chances of them arguing are greatly increased. So, overly emotional signs can be a little off-putting for Libras. 

The Libra man will always have good control over his emotions, and that is because he is very in touch with them.

So, he can struggle with signs that aren’t in control of their emotions. Unfortunately, Taurus is one of these signs. 

Their Independence

Another thing that the Libra man tends to dislike about the Taurus woman is her independence.

It isn’t because he dislikes her doing things for herself and being a strong, independent woman.

It is more so because this means that she does fewer things with him. 

Libras like to spend a lot of time with their romantic partner. They savor every single minute spent with them and enjoy doing even the most mundane things with their partner.

They view their relationship as a bond and a bond in which they almost become connected to the hip of their partner.

A Libra would happily spend all his time with his partner, which is why he struggles when she doesn’t want to spend all her time with him. 

As the Taurus woman is very independent, she values her alone time, and this is something that the Libra man struggles with.

Their Need for Physical Intimacy

Finally, Libra men tend to struggle with the Taurus woman’s need for physical intimacy.

While the Libra is a tactile sign, they do find the Taurus woman to be a little too touchy-feely. 

Libras are incredibly good lovers, but they tend to reserve a lot of their physical intimacy for the bedroom. They aren’t very into public displays of affection, and often these can make them uncomfortable. In contrast, Taurus loves PDA. 

So, over time, the Libra man might grow uncomfortable with the Taurus woman’s attempts at PDA, and this may become something he dislikes about her. 

Things Taurus Women Like in Libra Men

Moving on, let’s take a look at some of the things that the Taurus woman likes best about the Libra man.

Their Ability to Help Them See Both Sides

As we mentioned earlier, both zodiac signs in this pairing are like the other because they help them become a better person.

One way in which the Libra man helps the Taurus woman become a better person is because he helps her see both sides of the story. 

Taurus can get carried away in the moment, and they can find it very difficult to see the other side of the story.

They may struggle to see why people would feel differently from them, and really lack that “Devil’s advocate” view. However, they love that the Libra man is able to peacefully tell her how other people might feel in the situation. 

Through this, she can get a better understanding of others, and it can really help her grow as an individual.

Their Need for Harmony

Something else that the Taurus woman loves about the Libra man is that he seeks harmony in his life. She loves this because she wants a calm, peaceful life too. 

Neither Libra nor Taurus are signs that seek conflict. Instead, they look for a peaceful life, and together they can achieve this.

Neither of these signs are argumentative, so together they can move through life peacefully and happily together. 

The Taurus woman loves that the Libra seeks a similar style of life as him.

Their Familiarity

Finally, the Taurus really loves the familiarity that she finds in her relationship with the Libra man. 

Even on their first meeting, these two individuals will click almost instantly and it will likely feel like they have known each other forever.

These signs are very similar to one another, and they seek a very similar style of life, so there really is a sense of familiarity between the two. 

As both of these signs strive for a calm and peaceful life, they love the familiarity that they have with one another.

This allows them to have the serene life that they both dream of.

Things Taurus Women Dislike in Libra Men

Finally, let’s take a look at some of the things that the Taurus woman tends to dislike about the Libra man.

Their Clinginess

One of the biggest things that the Taurus woman struggles with when it comes to the Libra man is that he is incredibly clingy.

As we established earlier, Taurus women tend to be incredibly independent.

They don’t need anyone to do things for them, they are more than capable of doing it themselves. This independence also leads to these women seeking time alone to enjoy their own company, and this is something that the Libra man struggles with.

He wants to do everything with her and spend lots of time together. But the Taurus woman finds this to be a little too clingy. 

She longs for her own space, and he longs to spend time with her.

So, over time, she can find the Libra man to be a bit clingy, and this is something that the Taurus woman tends to dislike. 

Their People-Pleasing Nature

Something else that the Taurus woman dislikes about the Libra man is his people-pleasing nature. 

While the Taurus woman seeks a peaceful and serene life, she will not give up her own values and opinions just to please others.

She will not compromise what she wants for the sake of keeping others happy, and she really dislikes that the Libra will. 

She hates that he is willing to give up his own view with the click of a finger, just to make others happy.

Their Indecisiveness

Finally, the Taurus woman really struggles with the Libra man’s indecisiveness.

While she may help him become a little more decisive throughout their relationship, in the early days the Taurus can really struggle with his indecisiveness.

She wishes that the man would have a little more confidence in his convictions, and stop trying to make everyone else happy. 

While it isn’t a make-or-break factor, the Taurus woman dislikes how indecisive the Libra man is.

Libra Man and Taurus Woman: Sexual Chemistry

Score: 6/10

In terms of sexual chemistry, the Libra man and Taurus woman score an above-average score. While there isn’t an insanely intense sexual chemistry between the two, there is no denying that these two find each other attractive and this really heats up their sex life. 

Libras are extremely talented in the bedroom, and the Taurus has very similar sexual fantasies to the Libra.

So together, they can achieve an excellent balance in the bedroom.

A balance that makes their sexual escapades incredibly enjoyable for both people involved. 

They might not have the most adventurous of sex lives, but they both really enjoy their intimacy, and they match each other very well on a sexual level. 

Libra Man and Taurus Woman: Relationship Score

Score: 7/10

As well as scoring above average when it comes to sex, these two zodiac signs also score above average when it comes to their relationship compatibility too. 

As we have seen in this guide, the Libra man and Taurus woman work incredibly well as a couple.

They balance each other very well and together they can help one another grow as individuals. They bring out the best in each other, and in a lot of ways they are similar to one another too.

This allows them to live the peaceful, serene life that they dream of. 

While there are some areas in which they clash, for the most part, these areas are things that they can work through together. So through growth and development together as a couple, these two stand a very good chance of having a happy, long-lasting relationship together.


In short, the Libra man and Taurus woman are actually very compatible when it comes to romantic relationships. These zodiac signs tend to want similar things out of their relationship, and both ultimately want a peaceful life together. 

Earth and Air signs tend to clash because air signs tend to have their heads up in the clouds. However, Libra is an exception to this, and they actually tend to be very grounded individuals.

For this reason, Libra and Taurus tend to be very similar to each other, and this can help them lead a happy life together.

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