Are Libra Men and Gemini Women Compatible? – Will a Relationship Work?

When it comes to compatibility in a relationship, your sun sign alone will not be enough to determine for definite if that relationship will work out.

That being said, looking at your sun sign can give you a good general idea of whether, or not, a relationship will work out between you and someone born under a different zodiac. 

Some zodiac signs work well when it comes to romantic relationships, and others really don’t. That is because those born under specific zodiacs tend to have similar personality traits that can really make or break a relationship. 

In this guide, we’re taking a look at the compatibility of the Libra man with the Gemini woman to try to determine if a relationship will work between the two. 

Things Libra Men Like in Gemini Women

First, let’s take a look at some of the things that Libra men really like about Gemini women. These are the qualities that attract Libra men toward Gemini women.

Their Outspoken Nature

One of the biggest attractions for Libra men in Gemini women is their outspoken nature. Libras are excellent conversationalists and they really value good communication with the people in their life.

They love that they can easily and effortlessly communicate with Geminis because of their outspoken nature. 

Libras themselves are very confident when it comes to striking up conversations, and they love that the Gemini woman will effortlessly return the conversation.

As well as just being happy to chat, Gemini women are also happy to chat about almost anything, just like Libras.

This allows the conversation to flow easily between the two. 

If there is one thing that is guaranteed to bond Libra men and Gemini women, they can talk to one another, and Gemini’s outspoken nature plays a big role in this. 

Their Enjoyment of Physical Intimacy

Another thing that Libras really like about Gemini women is their enjoyment of physical intimacy. While they are brilliant communicators, Geminis also really value touch in a relationship.

From the reassuring touch on their arm to remind them that their partner is there, to a tender kiss before bed – Geminis love this physical intimacy, and so do Libras. 

Libras are very passionate lovers when they are in a relationship.

Not only are they very skilled in the bedroom, but they are also great at making their lover feel valued through non-sexual touching too.

They like being all over their lover, so they really appreciate that Gemini women enjoy this physical intimacy too. 

Some people hate physical touch, and in particular, public displays of affection. But neither Libras nor Geminis are of this mindset. So the Libra really likes that the Gemini enjoys physical intimacy.

Their Loyalty and Dedication

Finally, Libra men love that Gemini women have a huge amount of loyalty and dedication. “Loyal” is one of the words that can be used to describe Geminis most frequently, and for Libras, it is one of their most attractive traits. 

The Libra man will put a lot of work and effort into his relationship.

He will focus a lot of energy on that relationship and is really dedicated to making it work. So he loves that the Gemini woman is just as dedicated to the things in her life as he is. 

Loyalty is important to the Libra man, and he will love that he can trust that the Gemini woman will remain loyal to him too.

For the Libra man, the most important relationship in his life is the romantic relationship he shares with his partner.

He is totally loyal and dedicated to that relationship, so seeing the Gemini woman exhibit these qualities is incredibly attractive too. 

Things Libra Men Dislike in Gemini Women

Of course, the Libra man will not like everything about the Gemini woman. So let’s take a look at some of the features that Libra men tend to dislike in Gemini women. 

Their Detached Attitude

One of the things that Libra men really dislike about Gemini women is that they tend to have a fairly detached attitude.

Libras place a lot of value on having close and intimate connections with those around them, and this is something that they struggle to achieve with Gemini women. 

While the Libra man will be attracted to the Gemini woman and enjoy their outspoken nature and love of physical intimacy, they will struggle with the fact that Gemini women tend to be fairly detached when it comes to emotional intimacy. 

The Libra man can trust that the Gemini woman will be loyal, but they struggle with the fact that the Gemini woman will not give him much reassurance.

In fact, her detached attitude can often have the opposite effect, which is why it’s something that the Libra man dislikes. 

Their Inconsistency

The Gemini woman can sometimes be a bit hot and cold, and this is something that the Libra man struggles with. 

The Libra man values balance and he likes everything to be the same constantly.

He doesn’t like things that rock the boat, and unfortunately, the inconsistency of the Gemini woman’s attitude can do exactly that. 

That is why one of the biggest things that Libra men struggle with when it comes to Gemini women is their inconsistent attitude. 

Their Poor Listening Skills

Finally, Libra men tend to struggle with how bad Gemini women are at listening.

While Gemini women can match Libra men on the conversational side, they simply lack the listening skills of the Libra, and this can cause frustration. 

While Gemini women are great at talking to other people, they are not as good at holding conversations as Libra men.

That is because their conversational skills are very one-sided. They can talk the talk, but they can’t really listen and this is something that frustrates the Libra. 

So one of the biggest turn-offs for the Libra man when it comes to the Gemini woman is their poor listening skills.

Things Gemini Women Like in Libra Men

Now, on the flip side, let’s take a look at the things that Gemini women like in Libra men.

These are the things that lead them to enter into relationships with these men.

Their Optimism

One thing that Gemini women really like in Libra men is that they are eternal optimists. Libras are an air sign, and because of this, they tend to be very positive individuals.

This is something that the Gemini woman loves. 

Just like Libras, Gemini women tend to have very positive attitudes towards life too, and so they see a lot of themselves in the Libra. They see a positive life ahead of them with the Libra, and this is very attractive. 

That is why the optimism of the Libra man is the Gemini woman’s favorite thing about them. 

Their Intelligent Conversation

Another thing that Gemini women really love about Libra men is their ability to hold intelligent conversations. Both of these zodiacs tend to be incredibly intelligent and they value having intellectual conversations. 

When a Gemini woman is around people who can’t hold intelligent conversations, she can quickly grow bored. Geminis aren’t the best listeners in the first place, and this only becomes worse when they aren’t enjoying the conversation. 

So the Gemini woman will find it really hot that they can have smart and intellectual conversations with the Libra man.

Their Extroversion

Finally, Gemini women love that Libra men are extroverts.

Gemini women themselves tend to be very loud and outgoing, and they love to see this mirrored in the Libra man. 

Extroverts tend to bounce very well off of other introverts.

They love the energy that other extroverts give off and can really bounce off of this. The Gemini woman loves that this is something that she can do with the Libra man. 

Introversion isn’t necessarily an unattractive trait for Gemini women, but they definitely like extroverted people more. 

Things Gemini Women Dislike in Libra Men

However, there are some things that Gemini women dislike in Libra men. These include the following. 

Their Indecisiveness

One of the biggest things that Gemini women struggle with when it comes to Libra men is their indecisiveness.

Across many zodiac couples that include a Libra, indecisiveness is a trait that often causes problems. 

Gemini women struggle with the Libra man’s constant need to make others happy. This people-pleasing personality can cause the Libra man to become very indecisive, constantly changing his mind to mirror what he thinks others want to see. 

The Gemini woman values people who are confident in their own decisions, so she will often struggle with the fact that the Libra man is very indecisive.

Their Intensity

Something else that Gemini women tend to struggle with is the intensity of the Libra. While they find the attention that the Libra man gives them attractive, it can often become a little too much. 

The Gemini likes that the Libra man will give her attention, but she dislikes the intensity with which he enters relationships.

Libras are intense lovers and this can cause them to become a bit much in a relationship. This is something that the Gemini woman dislikes. 

While the Gemini woman loves the Libra man, sometimes she wishes he would just chill a little.

Their Need to Settle Down

Finally, Gemini women tend to struggle with the fact that Libra men have an intense need to settle down. 

For Libras and Gemini, traveling and exploring are second nature.

As a couple, these two zodiacs will enjoy regularly traveling the world and discovering new things. But eventually, Libra will feel the need to settle down. Typically, he will feel this need before the Gemini woman. 

This can be a real vibe-killer for the Gemini woman and it can put her off the Libra man. But through communication, this is typically something that they can move past. 

Libra Man and Gemini Woman: Sexual Chemistry

Score: 10/10

When it comes to sexual chemistry, the Libra man and Gemini woman have it in abundance. The sexual chemistry between the two only intensifies after the first time they have sex, which is rare for most couples. 

The Libra man and Gemini woman are the perfect match when it comes to sexual activities.

These two fit together perfectly and this means that they are able to have incredible, intense sex. The activity itself is insanely enjoyable for both parties and it will often be their favorite part of their relationship. 

It is difficult for any other romantic zodiac pairing to have sexual chemistry as intense as that of this pairing, and that really is a testament to how good a couple this pair are in certain areas of their relationship.

Libra Man and Gemini Woman: Relationship Score

Score: 7/10

A relationship between a Libra man and a Gemini woman has the potential to work very well. As we have just established, this pairing has intense sexual chemistry and that can build a great foundation for their romantic relationship. 

As well as having excellent sexual chemistry, these two are also able to have very intelligent conversations and communicate clearly with one another.

Their excellent communication only reinforces the foundations of their relationship and makes them stronger. 

Of course, there are some things that both individuals will dislike about one another, and in the early days, this can cause some tension between the two.

But their excellent communication skills can help them move past this and allow them to have a successful and positive relationship. A relationship that could potentially go the distance. 


In short, Libra men and Gemini women have intense sexual chemistry and this can really help them have a successful relationship. 

While they will have struggles along the way, their excellent communication skills can allow them to move past these struggles and build a relationship that will last. 

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