Are Libra Men and Scorpio Women Compatible? – Will a Relationship Work?

Anybody who is in touch with their spiritual side will typically place huge importance on their zodiac signs. Zodiac signs can be very in-depth, especially if you look at your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign combined.

However, if you want a quick overview, looking at your sun sign alone is more than enough. 

In this guide, we’re taking a look at the compatibility of the Libra man and Scorpio woman to determine if a relationship between the two will work out.

Things Libra Men Like in Scorpio Women

First, let’s take a look at some of the things that the Libra man likes best about the Scorpio woman.

Their Emotional Intimacy

First things first, the Libra man loves that the Scorpio woman is a very emotional individual who looks for emotional intimacy in her relationships.

The Scorpio woman longs for an intense, intimate connection with their partner, and the Libra man really likes that. 

Libra men long for deep connections with those they are in a relationship with.

Libras place intense importance on their romantic relationships and really treat this relationship as the most important part of their life.

They will focus their energies on ensuring they build a good connection with those they are in a relationship with and long to know their partner on an intense, emotional level.

Just like Libras, Scorpios long for intense connections with those they are dating, so this really is an area where these two are very compatible.

Their Loyalty

Another thing that the Libra man loves about the Scorpio woman is her loyalty.

Libras are distrustful by nature, so the reassuring, intense loyalty of the Scorpio is very reassuring for them. 

Libras place a lot of importance on their relationship, and they can occasionally become too intense about their relationship. This can cause them to overthink things and it also leads them to be fairly distrustful of those around them.

But Scorpios are intensely loyal, and they make this clear to potential partners from the get-go, which really relaxes the Libra and sets their mind at ease. 

The Libra man loves that the Scorpio woman is loyal because it allows him to trust her loyalty within their relationship.

Their Intense Gaze

Finally, the Libra man really likes that the Scorpio woman holds a really intense gaze on the people around them. 

The Libra man craves an intense and passionate relationship, and the intense gaze of the Scorpio is something that can help them achieve this relationship.

The Scorpio woman has an intense stare, so intense that it is almost as if she is looking into your soul.

The Libra man loves this as it really helps him feel like they have a connection on a deeper level. 

The intensity of the gaze of the Scorpio woman isn’t for everyone. But for the Libra man, this is something he finds incredibly attractive.

Things Libra Men Dislike in Scorpio Women

Now, let’s take a look at some of the things that the Libra man tends to dislike about the Scorpio woman.

Their Need for Alone Time

We have already mentioned it a couple of times in this guide, but Libras place enormous importance on their romantic relationships.

They are fully dedicated to their partner and will want to spend time with them all the time.

So, they struggle with the fact that the Scorpio woman tends to like a little alone time. 

Scorpios really enjoy being in a relationship, and they love spending time with other people too. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t value their alone time.

Scorpios tend to be incredibly independent and they really value time spent alone doing their own thing. But this can make the Libra man feel neglected. 

When the Scorpio wants some alone time, the Libra man will often mistake her need for her own space as her not wanting to be around him.

This can make him feel neglected, and cause him to question his relationship.

Their Intensity in the Bedroom

Something else that the Libra man doesn’t really like about the Scorpio woman is her intensity in the bedroom. 

Libras are very sexual beings, and they enjoy an intimate, emotional connection with their partner.

However, the sexual needs of a Scorpio woman can be a little too intense for the Libra man, and a little too out there. Libras will always be willing to try new sexual activities if that is something that their partner is interested in.

However, in the long run, they can find the Scorpio’s sexual needs to be too much. 

In terms of sexual wants and needs, the Libra man and the Scorpio woman aren’t actually that compatible, and this can put stress on the relationship.

Their Aversion to Social Events

Finally, the Libra man really struggles with the fact that the Scorpio woman isn’t actually that social. 

Libras are very social beings, but they are happiest when their partners are happy.

So the Scorpio woman being uncomfortable in social situations can really put Libra in an awkward position emotionally.

He will be unable to enjoy social settings because his partner is uncomfortable, and also be unhappy if he avoids social situations because of his partner’s discomfort. 

This point really is a bit of a lose-lose situation for the Libra, and it is one of the biggest things that they dislike about the Scorpio woman.

Things Scorpio Women Like in Libra Men

Moving on, let’s take a look at some of the things that the Scorpio woman likes best about the Libra man.

Their Need For Emotional Resonance

Just as the Libra man likes the need for emotional intimacy that the Scorpio woman has, the Scorpio woman also loves Libra’s need for emotional resonance. 

When it comes to emotional wants, these two zodiac signs really are a perfect match.

Both of these signs crave an intense emotional connection with their partner, and this makes them a good match for one another. Instead of making either party uncomfortable, the intense emotional connection that both of these signs push for will actually be something that the other finds attractive. 

Emotional resonance is important to the Libra and emotional intimacy is important to the Scorpio, and this can make a relationship between the two work. 

Their Intensity

Something else that the Scorpio woman really likes about the Libra man is the intensity with which they approach life.

Some people will find the intensity of the Libra man off-putting, but the Scorpio actually really loves this.

She likes that he has a fire and passion in his gut for life and that he always puts 100% effort into every single thing that he does in life. Scorpios take life very seriously, so they really enjoy seeing this in the Libra man too. 

Intensity is also tightly ingrained with the emotional intimacy that we have just discussed, and it is a huge part of why Scorpios find Libras attractive.

Their View on Relationships

Finally, Scorpio women are very attracted to the view that Libras have regarding relationships. 

Libras see their romantic relationships as the most important relationship in their life.

They will put all their effort into building a successful relationship with their partner, and really will place their partner at the center of their universe.

The Scorpio woman finds the fact that they will be the Libra man’s main priority incredibly attractive. 

Just like Libras, Scorpios place a lot of importance on their relationship with others, and this is partly because they are less social than other zodiac signs. So they will really like that the Libra man will take their relationship seriously.

Things Scorpio Women Dislike in Libra Men

Now, let’s take a look at some of the different things that the Scorpio woman tends to dislike about the Libra man.

Their Need to Do Everything Together

Scorpios are fairly solitary individuals, so something that they can struggle with when it comes to the Libra Man is his need to do everything together. 

Libras place a lot of value on their romantic relationships, and this can cause them to become a little obsessive with the relationship.

They are a little old-fashioned in their views and tend to believe that once you are in a relationship, you almost form one being.

This is why they want to do almost everything in life with their partner. 

This can be a little overwhelming for the Scorpio woman who craves her own space and alone time. 

Their Sexual Wants and Needs

As we established earlier, Scorpios and Libras have very different sexual wants and needs, and this really is an area where these two clash. 

The Scorpio woman will know what she likes in the bedroom, and how she wants any sexual trysts to go.

However, they will not match Libra’s sexual wants and needs. While he will be willing to try anything once, in the long run, he will likely want to fall back into his more vanilla sexual relations. 

This can be disappointing to the Scorpio woman and prevent her from enjoying sex with her partner.

This really can damage a relationship.

Their Need for Balance

Finally, just like many other zodiac signs, Scorpios tend to struggle with Libra’s need for balance. 

While Scorpios aren’t against routine and making plans, they do struggle with how Libras try to enforce these things.

Scorpios want to be free to live their lives as they wish, and so they can feel held back by the Libra’s need for balance. 

Scorpios want to live their lives with passion and intensity, and balance and routine can get in the way of that. 

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman: Sexual Chemistry

Score: 3/10

As you had probably guessed, the sexual chemistry between a Libra man and a Scorpio woman really isn’t the best. 

While these two zodiac signs both crave emotional intimacy, and they can deliver this for one another, when it comes to sexual activities, they really clash.

The Libra is very talented in the bedroom but also fairly reserved or “vanilla” in his preferences.

Whereas the Scorpio woman tends to crave more intense sexual activities. 

The sex won’t necessarily be bad between these two signs. But as the relationship progresses, it will become disappointing for them both.

This is why they don’t necessarily have much sexual chemistry.

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman: Relationship Score

Score: 4/10

In a lot of ways, the Scorpio woman could be the perfect match for the Libra man. They both crave and deliver intense emotional intimacy, and they both place huge importance on their romantic relationships.

However, the ways in which they clash outweigh the ways in which they match. 

Scorpios are solitary creatures who crave alone time, while Libras are social creatures who thrive off social interaction and conversation. Scorpios are adventurous in the bedroom with specific wants and needs, while Libras tend to be more conventional. 

Ultimately, how they clash will lead to both partners being disappointed and unhappy in the relationship.

That is why a relationship between these two zodiac signs rarely goes long distance unless there is an immense compromise made by both parties. 


Libras and Scorpios both crave an intense emotional connection with their partner, so, understandably, you may expect them to be the perfect match. However, ultimately their differences will drive them apart. 

The Libra man craves social interaction and good conversation with others, while the Scorpio woman would rather spend her time alone in her own company. This is just one example of why a relationship between these two typically doesn’t work out

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