Are Libra Men and Libra Women Compatible? – Will a Relationship Work?

When it comes to relationships between two individuals who share the same zodiac sign, there is often a lot of debate about the compatibility of the pair. There are some people out there who believe that a relationship between two individuals of the same zodiac is one of the strongest in terms of compatibility. In contrast, others are of the very strong opinion that this relationship will never work.

Ultimately, it seems to depend on the zodiac that the two are born under, and the individuals themselves. But when it comes to the same zodiac pairings, it seems to be universally accepted that one of the most successful relationships of this type belongs to that of the Libra. 

Libras are represented by a scale, and that is because these people tend to be very balanced individuals. In one another, two Libras will be able to find the balance that they crave.

In this guide, we’re taking a look at the compatibility of a Libra man and a Libra woman, and whether, or not, their relationship will work. 

Things Libra Men Like In Libra Women

As both the man and woman in this relationship are born under the Libra zodiac, they are very similar.

As such, they tend to have similar things that they like and dislike about one another, so there is quite a bit of crossover between what the two like and dislike in one another. 

Their Compassionate Nature

One of the things that the Libra man likes most about the Libra woman is that she has a very compassionate nature.

Libras generally tend to be very kind and caring towards others, and the Libra man appreciates that the Libra woman directs this nature towards him. 

In his past relationships, the Libra man might be used to having other attitudes from those he is interested in, and that is because very few zodiacs can show compassion and care in the same way that the Libra can. 

But having the Libra woman direct her compassion towards him is new and refreshing, and it is something that he really likes!

Their Similarities

Something else that the Libra man really likes about the Libra woman is that they are both very similar to one another.

Libras crave balance and this can be difficult to achieve when interacting with other zodiacs, but as both parties in this relationship are Libras, it is much easier to get that balance. 

For some zodiac signs, the similarities between them and potential partners are something that can drive them apart.

For example, Leos crave attention, but so do Libras, and this can lock them into a sort of power battle. However, this isn’t the case for Libras. 

The general attitude of the Libra makes them a good match to be in a relationship with other Libras.

Typically, those born under this zodiac will appreciate their similarities and this can actually make the relationship stronger. 

Their Social Curiousness

Finally, the Libra man loves how socially curious the Libra woman is.

Libras are social animals, so the Libra man will likely find it very refreshing that the Libra woman craves the same amount of socialization as him within their relationship. 

Libras are excellent communicators, and because of this, they get a real thrill out of social settings.

They really enjoy talking with others about anything and everything, and a relationship between two Libras will work because both parties are happy to talk for hours and hours. 

The Libra man loves that in the Libra woman, he has found a potential partner that he can spend forever having intelligent conversations with. She likes this about the Libra man in return. 

Things Libra Men Dislike In Libra Women

While it can seem a little hypocritical, there are some qualities about the Libra woman that the Libra man does not like.

They include the following things.

Their Pre-Occupied Attitude

One thing that the Libra man can struggle with when it comes to the Libra woman is the fact that she is often very preoccupied. Libras are people-pleasing zodiacs, and as such, they will spend a lot of their time fretting about other people. 

The Libra man can struggle with the fact that often when he is speaking to the Libra woman, he can see that her mind is elsewhere.

Especially when they are in social situations with others.

Her preoccupied mind can make him feel a little neglected and insecure in the relationship from time to time. 

While this isn’t something that will always be a problem, it is something that can cause tension from time to time.

Their Trust Issues

Unfortunately, Libras are hard-wired to have trust issues, and these trust issues can also impact a Libra-Libra relationship. 

A lot of the time, Libra will be very trustful of their partner, but the littlest thing can make them doubt the relationship and lose trust.

This all stems from the insecurity that the Libra often feels as they aren’t 100% confident.

Thankfully, Libras are also very reassuring signs, so the Libra woman will usually be able to reassure the man and regain his trust. But this could pose an issue multiple times in their relationship.

Their Inability to Make Decisions

Finally, the Libra man can really struggle with the Libra woman’s inability to make decisions.

For the first time, the Libra man will finally feel every other star sign’s struggles when they are in a relationship with a Libra woman. 

Of course, the real issue with the Libra woman’s inability to make decisions is the fact that this is something that the Libra man also struggles with.

Libras are indecisive due to their people-pleasing nature, so when two Libras come together, this indecisive nature can cause real issues. 

Again, this is typically something that they can move past.

But it is actually one of the things that both parties will dislike most about one another. 

Things Libra Women Like In Libra Men

Now let’s take a look at some of the things that the Libra woman likes about the Libra man. 

Their Tranquil vibes

The Libra woman will really like the peaceful and tranquil vibes that she gets from the Libra man.

Libras crave balance, and the tranquility of the Libra man will really help the Libra woman feel this. 

Together, the Libra couple is one of the most balanced zodiac pairings out of all the different combinations. Their similarities allow them to make each other feel very calm and relaxed, and this is something that they both enjoy. 

When two Libras are together, they help each other feel balanced, which is why the Libra woman loves the tranquil vibes of the Libra man.

Their Affectionate Nature

Libras are also very tactile, and they love communicating with their partners through affectionate touch.

They love receiving as much as they love giving, and that is why the Libra woman is attracted to the Libra man. 

When the Libra woman affectionately touches the Libra man’s shoulder or rests her hand on his knee, she can feel assured that he will do the same back for her.

These signs are not only gifted in verbal communication, but physical communication too, and this really shows when they are in a relationship. 

So the Libra woman will like that the Libra man is physically affectionate to her, in the same way that she is physically affectionate to him.

Their Intellectual Conversational Skills

Finally, the Libra woman will love that she can have intellectual conversations with the Libra man. Nothing for these zodiac signs is more enjoyable than conversing with others.

Except for intellectual communication, of course. 

The Libra woman loves that there is no need for silly conversations when she is with the Libra man. Both of these individuals are incredibly intelligent, and because of this, they can have very smart conversations with one another.

Conversations that they both find very thrilling. 

So one of her favorite things about the Libra man is the intellectual conversation that they can share. 

Things Libra Women Dislike In Libra Men

There are also some things that the Libra woman will dislike in the Libra man. They include the following things. 

Their Lack of Confidence

The Libra woman will often struggle with the Libra man’s lack of confidence.

This is typically due to the fact that she also lacks that confidence, rather than because of his actual lack of confidence. 

The Libra woman will be reassured if she is in a relationship with someone who has that little bit of confidence that she lacks. But the Libra man does not have that confidence, and that can make the Libra woman feel a little insecure. 

If there is one thing that she could change about the Libra man, that would be to make him a little more confident. 

Their Focus on Appearance

The Libra woman also dislikes the focus that the Libra man puts on appearance.

Libra men in particular tend to be really attracted to women based on their appearance, and the Libra woman can find this a little shallow. 

While the Libra woman can appreciate the good looks of the people around her, she isn’t as focused on appearance when it comes to attractiveness as the Libra man. 

So she does find it a little frustrating that the Libra man places such a high amount of value on the way that she looks. 

Their Lack of Trust 

Finally, the Libra woman struggles with the Libra man’s lack of trust.

Especially when she hasn’t done anything that makes her unworthy of his trust. 

The Libra woman feels the same way about the Libra man’s lack of trust as he does about her trust issues, so we won’t say anything more about this point. 

However, Libras do tend to be distrustful, and this can cause stress in a relationship. 

Libra Man and Libra Woman – Sexual Chemistry

Score: 5/10

Libras are very talented when it comes to the bedroom, and this might lead you to believe that they will be the superior pairing when it comes to sexual chemistry.

But this isn’t actually the case. 

While these two individuals will still be very talented when engaging in sexual relations with one another, their lack of confidence and shared indecisiveness can really kill the sexual chemistry. 

The sex that the two share will still be very good, but the sexual chemistry will be severely lacking simply because the two are too polite. 

Libra Man and Libra Woman – Relationship Score

Score: 9/10

While they may not share the most intense sexual chemistry, a Libra man and Libra woman can share a very successful relationship with one another.

Libras crave balance and stability, and they will never find a partner as equally balanced as another Libra. 

The Libra man and Libra woman will be utterly devoted to each other, they will be able to connect with one another on an intense emotional level and engage in serious and enjoyable conversations. 

Together they can build a relationship with incredibly strong foundations, and while they may run into issues from time to time, it is nothing that a good conversation will be unable to solve. 

When it comes to couples, you will struggle to find one that is quite as calm and relaxed as a couple where both parties are Libras.

Their sexual chemistry may not be the strongest, but they can still enjoy their time in the bedroom, and live a happy and fulfilling life together. A life built on their shared values and ambitions for life. 


In short, while you may expect a relationship between two Libras to be doomed to fail, this isn’t actually the case. A Libra man is actually very compatible with a Libra woman, and they can go on to live long and fulfilling lives together as a couple. 

Of course, the success of the relationship will depend on the individuals. However, with the talented conversational skills of the Libra, there is very little that good communication can’t fix. 

Thanks for reading!

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