Relationship Compatibility Between Capricorn Man And Cancer Woman – Will They Go The Distance?

Capricorn men are incredibly driven and ambitious in everything they put their minds to. They are an earth sign and are represented by the mountain goat. Whether their goals are career-driven or family-orientated, they won’t stop until they’re happy with their success. 

On the other hand, Cancer women are sensitive and are always looking for a sense of belonging. They are very emotional and passionate, and they’re nurturing souls. They can read other people’s emotions and act accordingly to make them feel better. 

Today we’re looking at whether a Capricorn and Cancer pairing can go the distance or their love will falter and tear them apart. Let’s get started! 

What The Capricorn Man Likes About Cancer Women

Her Emotional Intuition 

Cancer women are very emotional beings that can read anyone they meet like an open book.

Even the most stoic Capricorn will be readable by the intuitive Cancer, and she’ll want to fix whatever she sees wrong. 

For a silent and icy man like Capricorn, this deep connection between them is like a breath of fresh air.

Capricorn men are so used to internalizing their feelings and conflicts to solve them alone, so when Cancer comes and helps to ease the load, he can’t help but be impressed. 

Many times, the Cancer woman knows how Capricorn is feeling even before he knows.

When he’s so wrapped up in work with no time for emotions, it’s nice for Cancer to be able to help unload the burden without him having to ask. 

Her Ambition And Self-assurance

Cancer women might be opposite signs to Capricorn, but they do share many of the same tenancies. Cancer women are ambitious in their own right and have enough trust in themselves that they don’t need anyone else to rely on. 

Cancer women are confident in their abilities in all aspects of life – whether that’s hobbies, work, or relationships. 

Since Capricorn men are incredibly ambitious themselves, these traits are something to be admired in their Cancer partners. When Capricorn and Cancer put their heads together, there’s nothing they cannot do. 

Her Loyalty

Cancer women are loyal to their friends and partners. They’re also extremely protective over the people they love and they cherish the connections they have in life.

This is a great trait to have in a partner, and Capricorn men appreciate the lengths she is willing to go to for their relationship. 

Capricorn men have a difficult time opening up to their partners, and this can be off-putting.

However, the loyalty that Cancer has for their relationship will keep her coming back to try and break down those emotional barriers. 

Capricorn can’t help but feel endeared to her determination and protection. 

What The Capricorn Man Dislikes About Cancer Women

Her Desire For Control

Cancer women are very ambitious, just like Capricorn men. They want to be the best at anything they put their mind to, and they’ll stop at nothing to achieve it.

This should be attractive to Capricorns, right? 

Well, it is… to an extent. Capricorns enjoy Cancer’s ambition, but he draws a line at her desire for control. Capricorns are hardwired to remain dominant in a relationship, both inside and outside of the bedroom. 

They’re not interested in sharing this control, so Cancer’s desire for it could have them butting heads. 

Her Mood Swings

Cancer women have a difficult time regulating their emotions. They are a water sign and therefore flow through the motions freely.

This means that they can become unpredictable when it comes to their moods. 

If this wasn’t enough, Cancer is also ruled by the Moon, which is constantly changing its form. This leaves Cancer women extremely vulnerable in their emotions and it can be very tough to regulate them. 

Unfortunately, Capricorn men aren’t too understanding of this. They don’t like over emotions and highly sensitive people, which Cancers are.

They’ll also be reluctant to offer reassurance to Cancer, which can upset them even more and cause a strain on their relationship. 

Her Needy Tenancies

Continuing on from Cancer’s mood swings that we mentioned earlier, she might find herself feeling nervous or scared of these heightened emotions.

Cancer women need a man who is going to reassure them and tell them that their emotions are valid and okay to feel.

Capricorn men are not the men to do this. They will turn away from needy women without reassurance, which will only add fuel to Cancer’s emotional fire. 

Cancer has no worries about expressing her feelings and she wants to make sure that she is always on the same page as her partner.

For the Capricorn, who is chronically known for struggling with communication, this might feel like his worst nightmare. 

What The Cancer Woman Likes About Capricorn Men

His Devotion 

Capricorn men are nothing if not devoted to their partners. They want to make sure that their partner is always looked after and will work harder to ensure this.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a man setting them up for life? 

Capricorn men will always pick a relationship over casual sex. They want to build a life with someone rather than introduce a new partner to their bed every night, so they’ll often hold off on sex until they know that they want to spend the rest of their lives with someone. 

This assurance is sure to be a turn-on for the emotionally needy Cancer. 

His Supportive Nature

Capricorns are very understanding once you get to know them.

They are gentle souls that will do almost anything for those that they love, and they’ll always want to make sure that their partners are doing well for themselves. 

Capricorns have no issues giving out advice to loved ones, and they enjoy knowing how the people in their lives are getting on with issues.

They especially love helping others get over obstacles and succeed in life.

For the Capricorn woman who can’t always control her mood swings, this is a very desirable trait in a partner. 

His Familial Bonds

There are few things in life, other than his career, that matter more to a Capricorn than his family. He is incredibly family orientated and has a clear idea of what his future is going to look like. 

Cancer women shouldn’t be surprised to learn about his plans for their house, children, pets, and more.

He isn’t afraid to take charge when it comes to building their life together and steering it in the right direction. 

Capricorn men also take their relationships with family members seriously and always want to develop them further. They will respect their partner’s family, too, which is a very important quality for Cancer women. 

What The Cancer Woman Dislikes About Capricorn Men

His Emotional Barriers

Capricorn men are well known for their icy demeanors. They don’t show emotion to anyone. Instead, they’ll internalize their emotions and work through them at their own pace.

They have high emotional barriers to guard themselves against unwanted advice. 

To the ever-emotional Cancer women, this simply won’t do. She can respect his need for privacy and preference to work through his emotions on his own. However, she’ll also need a little emotion from him to make sure that they’re on the same page.

Cancer women can find it very difficult to connect with the stoic Capricorn, which can lead to a disconnect in their relationship. 

His Unwavering Dominance

Cancer women like the feeling of being in control. They like having a say in their lives and want to be equal in their relationship. This doesn’t bode well for the incredibly dominant Capricorn. 

Cancer is a water sign and is therefore very fluid in her desires.

She’ll be happy enough to be subversive, but she also wants to feel like her contributions are valued in the relationship. 

It’s difficult for Capricorn to give up his dominance, if he was ever willing to try, which can cause upset between the Cancer woman and Capricorn man. 

His Lack Of Communication

Capricorns want to keep to themselves for the most part. They’ll be more willing to open up to their partners, but they still tend to remain quiet for the most part.

Cancer women love talking, so this can be an issue between them. 

Cancers need reassurance, and Capricorns unequivocally don’t want to give it. They might even withhold communication as a punishment for Cancer’s neediness.

The lack of communication might leave Cancer feeling like Capricorn doesn’t trust her, which can hurt her feelings and cause cracks in their foundation. 

Sexual Chemistry Between Capricorn Men And Cancer Women

Score: 7/10 

Both Capricorn men and Cancer women love sex. They enjoy it, but only when they’re having it with someone they love. They both value that closeness and stay away from casual sex. 

Capricorns do this as they know that their partner is the one they want to spend the rest of their life with.

Cancer does it because they crave emotional closeness. 

Capricorn men are quiet when they first sleep with someone, but they have plenty of darker desires within. Cancer’s ability to read people like a book allows them to see these desires and draw them out of the Capricorn. 

Capricorn men want to be the dominant force, and Cancer is okay with being submissive.

However, Cancer might talk more than Capricorn would like, suggesting new things to try rather than using auditory cues like noises. 

Cancers are surprisingly kinky, which works well with Capricorns. Their nights together will never be boring! 

A potential issue here is after sex. Cancers will enjoy the closeness of cuddling, while Capricorns could really do without it. They’ll want to get back to planning their next ambitious move rather than wasting time cuddling, and this can hurt Cancer’s feelings. 

As long as Cancer allows Capricorn to remain the dominant force in the bedroom and doesn’t talk too much during sex, and Capricorn gives in to a cuddle every now and then, these two signs could have a very healthy sex life. 

Relationship Score For Capricorn Men And Cancer Women

Score: 4/10 

Despite the sex being good between Capricorn men and Cancer women, we just don’t see them lasting forever. They are too different, and while opposites certainly do attract, they’re not always in it for the long haul. 

The biggest flaw in this relationship dynamic is the emotional side of things.

Cancer women need the emotional closeness and reassurance that Capricorns simply aren’t willing to offer.

They’ll often withdraw further as their partner shows neediness or clinginess, which is the complete opposite of what Cancer needs. 

Capricorns will also find it very difficult to keep up with Cancer’s mood swings. They dislike any sign of overreaction, and although Cancer women might have a good reason for their erratic moods, Capricorn men are unlikely to listen to it. 

However, there are also good moments in their relationship that might just be enough to keep this unlikely pairing together. Cancer women know how to read Capricorns unlike any other sign and can therefore help them with the heavy weight of their silent emotions. 

Cancer appreciates her partner for allowing her to do this, while Capricorn is so impressed at her ability that he can’t help but feel a deeper connection. 

These signs are both incredibly ambitious and will want to be the best at everything they do together. They/’re both self-assured and determined that they might simply refuse to let their relationship run its course.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the Capricorn man and Cancer woman had enough drive to defy all odds and go the distance. 

What do you think? Would you expect Capricorn and Cancer to work through their many differences to stay together, or do you think that they’re just too different? Thanks for reading! 

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