Relationship Compatibility Between Capricorn Man And Taurus Woman – Will They Go The Distance?

Taurus and Capricorn are both earth signs, and two earth signs are never super exciting. They don’t offer much in the way of spontaneity that fire signs offer, or the creativity or emotional side of air and water signs. 

Two earth signs together simply… coexist. However, this is exactly how Taurus and Capricorn like it. Capricorn likes the easy life, and Taurus enjoys a willing man to let her do whatever she wants. 

But is this enough to keep them together forever, or will their relationship fizzle out and fall into the friend zone? Let’s find out in this ultimate guide. 

What The Capricorn Man Likes About Taurus Women

Her Independence 

Capricorns value the importance of work over anything else. They’ll spend all of their time at work. Even when they’re not at work, they’ll be thinking about it. Their days consist of conjuring up ideas on how to better themselves. 

This doesn’t leave much in the way of time for a relationship. So, Capricorn needs a partner who is happy to do her own thing while he works. He loves ending the day together so that they can talk about their separate pursuits. 

Luckily, Taurus is more than happy to do her own thing once in a while. She values her independence and loves using it to see friends and family and work on bettering herself. 

Her Kindness 

Taurus women are kind at heart, so what more could Capricorn ask for? She’s not demeaning or rude about his pursuits, she’ll always listen to his new ideas and concerns, and she’ll offer advice wherever she can (although he’ll never take it). 

Capricorn men enjoy compliments and a simple relationship, so Taurus’s kind nature is very appealing to Capricorns. 

In the cut-throat world he’s living in, where he does anything necessary to get to the top, Capricorn appreciates being able to come home to a kind Taurus and put the ruthlessness of work behind him. 

Her Sensuality

Taurus women have no trouble showing their sensuality off to anyone who will bear witness. As someone who takes a while to show his true side in the bedroom, Taurus’s openness is something to be admired by Capricorn. 

While other signs might get jealous of Taurus flaunting her natural talents, Capricorn has no issue with it. He doesn’t have time to get jealous and is just happy she’s enjoying the attention. 

Capricorn knows that he is the one who gets to enjoy her sensual side alone at the end of the night, so he doesn’t mind who gets a look. It only makes them hate him more, which spurs his ambition on. 

What The Capricorn Man Dislikes About Taurus Women

Her Jealousy 

Considering we’ve just talked about how Capricorns don’t get jealous, it should come as no surprise that they hate when their partners get jealous. 

This is especially true when Capricorn gives her nothing to be jealous about. Capricorns are very dedicated to their relationship and won’t do anything to jeopardize it, so there’s nothing for Taurus to be jealous of. 

However, Taurus tends to get jealous of how much time he is spending at work. She thinks he should give her more of his time and will start to resent his work life. She might even think he is using it as a front for an affair. 

Her Selfishness

Taurus is known for being selfish and materialistic. She knows what she wants and has no problem taking it for herself. The problem is that she’s often unwilling to work for it, and she expects her partner to provide it for her. 

She really won with Capricorn, then! 

Capricorn enjoys the satisfaction he gets out of providing for his loved ones, so he doesn’t mind supporting her materialistic lifestyle. However, problems can arise when she starts asking for too much. 

Capricorn wants his partner to work for what she has and have a career of her own. It turns him on when she’s as ambitious as him. Unfortunately, this isn’t Taurus. She’s gluttonous, lazy, and self-indulgent. 

Her Argumentative Nature 

Taurus thinks she’s always right – remind you of anyone, Capricorn?!

Despite this being one of Capricorn’s defining traits, he doesn’t like to see it in his romantic partners. He wants her to see his point of view and agree with him on things – or at least participate in a conversation where they can explore each other’s arguments. 

Capricorn loves the easy life and doesn’t concern himself with other people’s advice or opinions. This can irritate Taurus and make her want to pick a fight with him. When Capricorn ignores her opinions, it can make Taurus want to argue them all the more. 

When she thinks she’s right, Taurus won’t agree to disagree. She’ll keep talking until the other party has agreed with her. Unfortunately, Capricorn is extremely stubborn and won’t give in. These heated conversations might lead to irreconcilable conflicts.

What The Taurus Woman Likes About Capricorn Men

His Security 

Taurus loves being secure in all aspects of life – from her relationships to finances. One of the best things about Capricorn is that he doesn’t mind providing for his loved ones. It feeds into his ego and makes him feel needed. 

Taurus is more than willing to allow him to do this for her, and she loves the feeling of being cared for. It makes her feel valued and committed in her relationship. She will allow him to look after her for as long as he offers. 

Capricorns are known for being devoted to their partners, which is another reason why Taurus feels so secure and loved. She doesn’t have to worry about him being a flight risk or breaking her trust, finally allowing her to believe in a long-term relationship. 

Their Shared Values 

Both Taurus and Capricorn believe in traditional views inherited from the older generations in their families. Many people disagree with Capricorn’s old-fashioned views in favor of more progressive ones. However, Taurus likes his views and respects them as her own. 

She enjoys the fact that he wants to spoil her and look after her. While other women might want to be self-sufficient in the feminist movement, Taurus sees the opportunity for an easier life and takes it!

She’ll act the part of the looked-after partner for everyone in Capricorn’s life to see. She’ll use his money to buy expensive things, have self-care treatments, and look after her appearance. In return, he’ll get the self-satisfaction of everyone seeing what his determination is able to do for his partner. Win-win! 

His Independence 

Capricorn is very independent and is often on work trips, using his time to better his career. Taurus enjoys using this time to spend time with her friends, look after herself, and explore new hobbies. While Taurus wants to spend time with her partner, some signs are too smothering for her. 

She wants to enjoy life, and she can’t always do this with a brooding Capricorn next to her 24/7! So while he’s at work, she’ll be taking some much-needed TLC. 

What The Taurus Woman Dislikes About Capricorn Men

His Dominance 

Taurus likes to have a say in her relationships. She might not be dominant, but she doesn’t appreciate being bossed around. She wants to discuss things rather than being told what to do, and she might start to purposefully push back when his controlling nature gets too much. 

Capricorn won’t appreciate this pushback, and he certainly won’t release power over the relationship to her. His dominance isn’t up for negotiation – he needs a partner who won’t have a problem with his need for control. 

Unfortunately, that’s not Taurus. While she might allow him to control certain aspects of the relationship, the novelty will wear off quickly. After this, her argumentative side will come out and they might find themselves constantly fighting. 

His Judgment 

Taurus doesn’t appreciate Capricorn’s God complex. He thinks that he is better than everyone else due to his unmatched work ethic. Just because Taurus doesn’t want to spend her entire life working, he judges her for being lazy and unambitious. 

However, she thinks there is more to life than just working and she values other life experiences she obtains instead of spending all her time thinking about a career. Why would she do this when Capricorn is willing to do it for both of them? 

While Taurus might play this off as a joke at first, it quickly becomes tired and demeaning, and she doesn’t want to feel inferior around her partner. This could lead to an abrupt end of the relationship. 

His Lack Of Jealousy 

Taurus wants to feel like she is the most important person in her partner’s life. She’s also very sensual and likes to flaunt her body for everyone to see. Capricorn’s lack of jealousy might be a breath of fresh air at the beginning of their relationship, but Taurus will quickly start to wonder why he’s not getting jealous of the attention she’s getting. 

This can lead to insecurities, negative thoughts about him and herself, and worries about the future. Capricorn doesn’t have time for jealousy, but that doesn’t stop Taurus from desiring it. 

If she constantly sees Capricorn being unbothered about the attention she gets from other men, she might start to behave more sensually to test him. This is a slippery slope into dangerous territory which could lead to a breakup. 

Sexual Chemistry Between Capricorn Men And Taurus Women 

Score: 10/10

Taurus is a very sexual woman and loves to flaunt her body in front of her partner. She loves being intimate and spending time with a loved one, and she always aims to please. 

This is great to hear from Capricorn who is quietly kinky and domineering in the bedroom. Taurus isn’t known for being submissive, but she’ll relent her power in the bedroom to make room for Capricorn’s pleasure. 

Taurus loves to look after her partner both physically and emotionally in the bedroom, so sex between these two signs could last for hours. 

Capricorn takes cues from her noises to know what she does and doesn’t like, so there will be sparks without either of them ever having to explain what they want. 

Capricorn loves a woman who is confident in the bedroom, and Taurus does not disappoint.

These two signs are a match made in heaven when it comes to the bedroom as Taurus is turned on when their partner calls the shots so that she doesn’t have to be responsible for the decision. 

Capricorn loves being on top, in all senses of the word, so he doesn’t have to worry about her arguing or trying to take over control during their time together. Every single sexual encounter between these two signs is explosive and satisfying. 

Relationship Score For Capricorn Men And Taurus Women

Score: 7/10 

Capricorn men and Taurus women have the potential to make it far with their relationship, as long as they can get past some pretty big challenges. Capricorn needs to accept that Taurus wants more than just a career out of life, and Taurus should make peace with the fact that Capricorn isn’t the jealous type. 

Capricorn loves how kind, independent, and understanding Taurus is. In turn, Taurus loves how giving and independent Capricorn is, as well as how they both share the same values. 

Their sex life is destined to be great, with Taurus having no complaints over Capricorn’s need for dominance. 

In theory, these two signs are a perfect match. Capricorn wants to spoil his partner and Taurus will let him do just that. As long as they are able to effectively communicate throughout their challenges maturely, they should be able to make their relationship work for the long haul. 

Thanks for reading! What do you think, can Taurus and Capricorn go the distance, or will their egos get in the way of something special? 

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