The Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning

Have you recently had the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card in your reading and want to know what it means? Maybe you were offered one meaning but want to know what else the card could mean?

Or are you curious and want to know more? No matter what the question is that brought you here, we have the answer for you! 

Knowing what your tarot cards and reading means can be tricky.

Each card has multiple meanings, making it impossible for you to know what the cards are telling you! And often, you can get conflicting answers from the person doing your reading, leaving you unsure what to do or who to trust. 

Keep reading to see all the possible meanings for the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card!

We have broken each meaning into small sections depending on the reading you have, so you can know quickly and easily what your card means! 

 Upright Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card General Meaning 

Let’s start with the general meaning of the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card! Generally, the card suggests destiny or luck! It is also the card of change! When you see the card in your reading, it suggests that big changes are coming. These changes are usually for the good, but not all change is easy.

There might be some challenging times ahead for you. 

The Wheel of Fortune card suggests the universe is working in your favor to ensure you reach your goals. But you will need to meet the universe halfway here. Spend time focusing your intentions on what you want.

It might not be clear to you yet, but rest assured that the universe has a plan for you! The card also represents the cycles of change we go through in life. You must accept these changes as a part of life. 

These changes can be difficult to accept and might leave you feeling sad or questioning the plans the universe has for you, but the universe will always lead you on the best path! 

The card is also a karma card, make sure you are nice to people! Anyone you meet on your journey should be treated with kindness. You might be experiencing hard times when you meet them again, so you will want the kindness to be returned! 

Now that we have looked at the general meaning of the upright Wheel of Fortune tarot card, let’s dive in and look at it in closer detail! We have broken the meanings down into four sections for you to glance through and find the type of reading that best fits the one you have received! 


The Wheel of Fortune card suggests that change is coming. If you have had health issues, the card suggests that things are about to change in your favor! You might also have health issues that force you to change an aspect of your life. 

If you have been pushing yourself too hard physically, emotionally, or mentally, a bout of illness might strike you down! This will force you to slow down or stop, offering you time to reflect on your health.

This is the universe’s way of telling you to look after yourself better. 

Make sure to listen, and make adjustments to be kinder to your mind and body going forward. 

Love And Relationships

The Wheel of Fortune card suggests that a positive change is going to enter your relationship! You might be taking the next step, starting a new phase, or even a project together!

This change could also be difficult, especially if you have not felt content in the relationship. 

It can suggest that now is the time to shake things up and make changes to improve the relationship. In its worst case, the card can suggest a breakup could be on your horizon. As sad as this will be, it will provide you with the opportunity to move on to other things. 

No matter the outcome, you will be led to where you need to be! 

If you are single, the card suggests that the universe is working on bringing someone into your life! You need to work with the universe for this to happen, so make sure you put yourself out there. 

Be clear about what you want from a partner and go out and meet people! The card is also the card of destiny, suggesting soulmates. If you are single, your soulmate could be on their way to you!

If you are in a relationship, then the card can suggest you and your partner are soulmates. 

Money And Career 

Career-wise, the card suggests big change is coming your way! This might mean that now is the time to make the career change you have been considering!

Or it might mean that change is coming within your current career. Initially, these changes might be challenging, but they will lead to better places! Try to go with the flow when these changes arise and see where they take you. 

Financially, the card suggests change is coming too! If you have been comfortable money-wise, you will want to prepare for tough times ahead. If you don’t have money set aside, now is the time to create an emergency fund. 

If you have been experiencing financial difficulties, the card suggests things will improve soon! 


The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card suggests you are entering a time of growth and development. The universe is guiding you on a spiritual path, but you also need to take an active role.

Seize opportunities that come your way! 

You might notice that situations fall into place, or that you meet spiritual people that will guide you on your journey when you need them most!

There will be a lot of synchronicity, signs, and symbols around you when you see this card! Things are falling into place with ease! 

Reversed Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card General Meaning 

The reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot card has a slightly different meaning, so let’s look at what it can generally mean now! The card suggests that change is on its way, but the change is usually unwelcome and negative. 

The card also indicates you are facing a challenging time ahead. The change coming will be difficult and can occur quite suddenly!

This quick deterioration can leave you feeling powerless as if external forces are working against you, and out of control. 

It’s important to remember that this is not the case. There might be some external factors, but the situation is usually because of the decisions you have made.

Now is the time to reflect on these decisions and take ownership of any mistakes you have made. Doing so will help you learn from these mistakes to prevent them from happening again! 

Things might be tough, but the card offers you an opportunity to learn and move on to a better and brighter future! Take this time to seize opportunities and let the change happen!

These downs are just part of life, and some ups are on their way! 

Now that we have looked at the general meaning of this card, let’s move on to see what it can mean in more detail! 


Health-wise, the Wheel of Fortune suggests there is a disruption or upheaval in another aspect of your life that is impacting your health. Don’t let pessimism take over here! Instead, focus on positivity and remember that you cannot control the situation. 

But, you can control how you let the situation affect you. You can’t stop the events that are unfolding, but you can make positive steps that will allow you to care for your body and your mental health while they unfold. 

Love And Relationships

The reversed Wheel of Fortune card can suggest the sparkle is going out in your relationship, or you are stagnating. Now, don’t panic. You don’t need to end the relationship!

All relationships have hard times or lose their spark from time to time. It’s important to evaluate what has caused this in your relationship. 

It could be that your relationship is moving into a new phase and this is the slump in between! Assess the situation and find a solution that works for you. But this phase will pass! 

There might be some previous mistakes that return and cause issues in your relationship. Make sure you approach these with an open mind to see if you can find a solution. 

If you are single and have struggled with relationships, now is the time to look at your behavior and choices. Are you throwing away potential opportunities for love?

If the answer is yes, now is the time to learn from your mistakes! You will always have another chance at happiness, so do not dwell on these mistakes. Instead, learn from them.

No matter your relationship status, the reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot card is a sign that there might be some setbacks in your future. But once you ride them out, the only way is up!

Money And Career 

Career-wise, the reversed card suggests a period of uncertainty, disruption, or stagnation is coming to your career. The card also suggests that unwelcome changes are on their way.

Take time to assess any decisions you have recently made about your career. Ask yourself if these have been the right choices for you and the goals you have set yourself. If the answer to these questions is no, don’t stress about it. 

Instead, take comfort that any setbacks you are facing are temporary. You can use the time you have to learn from these mistakes and position yourself ready to seize the moment when things start to look up!

Financially, the reversed Wheel of Fortune suggests you should not take any financial risks or gamble. If you are struggling financially, the card suggests you might have not put any money aside or created an emergency fund.

The financial hardship you are facing is not permanent though! Once it passes, take the lessons you have learned with you, especially about starting an emergency fund.

No matter how little you set aside, you will be grateful for it when hard times hit! 


You might feel that the universe is working against you if you see the reversed Wheel of Fortune card! This could be testing your faith, but rest assured, even in our darkest days, the universe has a plan for us! 

Try not to lose faith! Use this time to create a deeper connection with your higher self. Don’t resist any changes that come from this connection as they will help you become a more connected and spiritual person! 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, all the possible meanings the Wheel of Fortune card can have! The card suggests change is coming your way. Sure, it might not feel like a good change at the time, but have faith.

The universe is guiding you down the right path, work with it and you will be surprised where you end up!

Make sure you are remaining focused on your goals and your spiritual journey and you can access a higher connection with yourself and the spiritual world. 

What more could you want? Just make sure you embrace the change that comes your way! 

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