Triple Hour 11:19 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

As humans, we often search for deeper meanings to things in our lives. Sometimes, we need a reason for things to happen, and we wonder if there is an overall plan for us, or a path that we are meant to follow. 

If you are feeling lost and searching for a sign, then you can find one in the clocks around you. Think about it- have you looked over at a clock and seen the time 11:19 before? Have you looked at your phone at the precise moment it has turned 11:19?

This is a sign that there is a message for you, and these numbers have a much bigger meaning about your life. 

These numbers are what we call a ‘triple hour’. Triple hours are often referred to as angel hours, as they are special times during the day or night, when the angels are watching over you. 

There are many different triple hours, and each has their own meaning. This is why it is so spooky that you have looked and noticed 11:19 so many times. It is precise, and therefore important to you.

In this guide, we will cover what triple hours are, why 11:19 is important to you, what it means, and which guardian angels are protecting you. Read on to find out how to interpret your triple hour. 

An Overview Of Triple Hours

Triple hours are what we call mirror hours, or angel hours. Mirror hours are magical times over the course of the day, and triple hours are a specific type of mirror hour. You can have reversed mirror hours, double mirror hours, and triple mirror hours. 

So, what are they?

Mirror hours are the hours that the angels are watching over you, guiding you, and leading you on your path. Through these mirror hours, the angels are trying to communicate with you, and send you an important message. 

This message could entail details about your career, your relationship, your interests, your personality, and the next steps in your life. These messages can give you a sense of clarity, of peace, of hope, or give you that push that you have been searching for. 

A double mirror hour is when the time on the clock is the same on each side of the digital clock face. For instance, a mirror hour would look like 03:03, 21:21, 00:00, or 12:12. 

For it to be a reversed mirror hour, the numbers reflect themselves. For instance, a reversed mirror hour would be 15:51, 12:21, 23:32, or 01:10. 

Triple hours are a little more difficult to notice, as they don’t follow a clear pattern. Instead, a triple hour has three numbers that are the same in a row. For example, a triple hour would be 12:22, 14:44, 15:55, 01:11, and of course, 11:19. 

No matter which type of mirror hours you see, they all have a message from the Universe that can give you a greater understanding of yourself.

With that in mind, what does the 11:19 triple hour mean? 

What Is The Significance Of The 11:19 Triple Hour?

The triple hour 11:19 carries a lot of positive energy. For example, this triple hour is watched over by the guardian angel Lehahiah. This angel is all about obedience, working together, and cooperation. 

The 11:10 triple hour is significant in finding success, loyalty in others, and gaining the respect of those around you. Seeing this triple hour is a sign that you will soon see more success, security and stability in your work life.

The angel Lehahiah protects you during this time, and tells you that you are a modest individual, who will be rewarded if you work hard. You will be successful in the near future. 

Under his care, you can harness his powers. He will give you the power to adapt to changes, so that you can keep moving forward towards a life filled with happiness, hope, and peace. 

What some may not realize is that Lehahiah can also help you control your emotions. He will encourage you to remain calm in difficult situations, so that you can be a more level-headed person. This can prevent you from becoming overwhelmed with emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, or restlessness, and will help you not become aggressive or overwhelmed with these feelings around others.

As a result, you will be a more loyal and faithful person, and you can exist with others, and yourself as a more harmonious person. While you are a powerful person, you can go forth with your colleagues and friends with peace and serenity. 

Lehahiah can also lend his Divine powers to you. He can give you the talents and gifts that you need to go forward in life with discipline, humility and respect. This can place you in a better position within the world that will bring you stability and success. 

With his guidance, you will no longer have any inferiority or superiority complexes, you will not be overly competitive, and no longer prone to conflict. This can really take you a step further in life. 

11:19 Numerology

To understand the numerology of this triple hour, we must combine the numbers. For instance, here we have the number 30. The angel number 30 is one that is deeply entwined with the notions or communication, forming alliances, working with others, and being in touch with one’s gifts. 

The numerology behind this triple hour therefore denotes that you will soon be able to develop your communication skills and work on your talents to become a better individual. Your relationships will thrive, when you can work on your communication skills. 

You will be able to communicate more effectively with others, and form stronger bonds as a result. Your social life will bloom, partnerships will be more powerful, and you will collaborate more efficiently with your peers. 

The angel number 30 has lots of positive vibrations, and tells you that good fortune, luck, and harmony will come your way. However, it also tells you to be aware of those who may try to deceive or trick you.

Finally, the angel number 30 is also a sign that you are a good person. You are the type of person that shines a light on others, and brightens up any room that you walk into. You have a lot of positive energy yourself, and can bring something special to all those around you. 

You will be close to everyone you meet, from family members to friends, colleagues, to the animals in your life. You have a great imagination, and a love for the arts. This number shows that you have a talent for the arts, and can express yourself through them- whether that is with music, literature, the theater, or through drawing and painting. 

Never lose your imagination, as it can be your driving force. Nurture those skills and express yourself through them. 


To summarize, 11:19 is in fact a triple hour. This triple hour carries a lot of positive energy, as it is protected by the angel Lehahiah. This triple hour is all about finding stability and success, and is a sign that you will nurture your communication skills so that you can form better friendships, relationships, and alliances in the future.

Not only will this make you a happier person, but it can also help you progress your career, learn new skills, and find a new sense of purpose and harmony in your life. 

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