The Tower Tarot Card Meaning

Have you recently had the Tower card in your tarot reading and want to know what it means? Maybe you want to know if there is a different meaning to the one you are given?

Or are you curious and want to know more? No matter what the question is that brought you here today, we have the answer for you! 

Figuring out what your tarot reading means can be tricky. After all, everyone has a different meaning for each card! You can quickly find yourself frustrated and overwhelmed, scrolling online for hours, but never getting the answers you need.

Defeated, you start to wonder if you will ever find out the meaning of the Tower Tarot card. 

Well, no more! Today, we are here with the answers you need. Keep reading to find out all the possible meanings for the Tower Tarot card! Whether you have an upright or reversed Tower card in a reading, we will tell you what it could mean! 

Upright Tower Tarot Card General Meaning 

Let’s dive straight into today’s article! Generally, the Tower card is the card of destruction and chaos. You should brace yourself if you see this card in your spread. We know that isn’t the answer you might have wanted today.

The card represents unexpected change or sudden upheaval. 

The change is usually life-changing, unavoidable, and scary. A negative Tower event is like a bomb exploding in your life. It can seem like you won’t survive, but you will! After the event, you will realize that although it was incredibly challenging, the event makes you the person you are. 

There is one positive from this card. The event almost always comes from something built on false foundations, beliefs, unrealistic goals, or dreams. The destruction is followed by a period of creation and renewal, which is always good news to have! 

The Tower with a negative aspect can suggest a life-altering or traumatic events like abuse, divorce, miscarriage, a car crash, job loss, or even bankruptcy. It is often the thing you hope never happens to you that you experience. 

However, not every Tower Tarot card represents a destructive tragedy. If the other cards in your reading are positive, then the Tower card can suggest a big change, like moving to another country. Although this would be a massive upheaval, it could change your life for the better! 

The placement of the Tower Tarot card is hugely important too. If it is in the past position, the card tells you what you have been through. In a future spread, the card suggests you are on a path leading to danger that could be avoided.

You might be putting yourself in danger and not thinking about the consequences, so the card is reminding you to be mindful of your safety. If you gamble with money, the card might warn you now is the time to be careful with your funds. 

The upright Tower Tarot card can also be a warning of natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis. 

Now that we have looked at the general meaning of the card, let’s dive in to look at some of its meanings in closer detail! 


Health-wise, the Tower card represents an accident or sudden illness. Be mindful of your well-being and safety to protect yourself as much as possible. If there are pregnancy cards are in your spread, it can suggest a difficult pregnancy, stillbirth, abortion, or miscarriage. 

The Tower card can also suggest mental health problems as a result of the emotional turmoil you are undergoing. Although the health issues the card represents are incredibly tough, they will lead to a period of renewal. 

If these health issues are forcing you to make changes in your life, these changes will be for the best. They can be difficult, but try to embrace them with a positive attitude.

If you are struggling with substance abuse, the Tower Tarot card is your sign to stop immediately. 

Love And Relationships

The Tower card can be a bad omen if you are in a relationship. It suggests divorce, separation, or a breakup. It can also suggest you or your partner is going through a traumatic or difficult event that is pushing your relationship to a breaking point. 

For your relationship to survive, you need to offer support and open and honest communication. If your relationship survives, the card suggests it will have changed drastically. Don’t panic, as this might not be a bad thing. 

Remember, the Tower card suggests the destruction of things built on false beliefs. This change could provide your relationship with a stable foundation to build on. It can be challenging to reach this point, so make sure you look after your mental health throughout this process. 

If you are single, you might have to face an uncomfortable revelation about why you are single. If arrogance or ego has been an issue in previous relationships, it can suggest a destructive or chaotic event will break down the ego. This won’t be pleasant, but will teach you humility and help to improve future relationships!

The Tower Tarot card also suggests violence or assault. This warning should be taken seriously and you should consider your safety more. You don’t need to be overly cautious, but be aware of your surroundings and take necessary safety precautions. 

Money And Career 

Career-wise, the Tower Tarot card suggests a lack of job security. The card can be a sign of job loss or a big change in your current role. This change can bring stress and could be difficult, but it can lead to more security or a better position! 

If another company buys the company you work for, you could be undergoing a lot of stress. But this can lead to a more secure job, maybe even a pay rise!

The Tower Tarot card in a negative spread can represent bankruptcy. Now is the time to avoid any risky investments as there could be financial upheaval or emergency payments to make! If you don’t have money tucked away for emergencies, now is a good time to start. 


Imagine you have a home that you believed would shelter you for your entire life. Then a storm hits, reducing it to rubble. The storm is the Tower Tarot card, showing you that the foundations are not solid at all. 

While you will experience loss, grief, anger, sadness, and confusion due to this traumatic event, you will find a better home with more solid foundations. 

Why tell you to imagine this? Well, the Tower represents the destruction of old beliefs, like the destruction of your home and shelter. This destruction could be a personal crisis of faith, a revelation, or a scandal that will force you to rethink your entire belief system! 

This destruction will be difficult to deal with, but remember a period of renewal will follow it. The sudden change will be better in the long run. It will allow you to explore other spiritual paths and find a new path and belief system that is best for you.

You can then have a new foundation that is solid and built on truth, why wouldn’t you want to do this?

It will be hard but trust us, you will emerge from this destruction as a better and stronger person. 

Reversed Tower Tarot Card General Meaning 

The reversed Tower Tarot card has a slightly different meaning, so let’s take a look at what the card generally means now. The card tends to mean you have narrowly avoided a disaster.

You should take time to learn from this experience to stop it from happening again!

The card can also suggest you are delaying the inevitable. Hardships are a part of life, and delaying them isn’t going to help you. It is best to experience these darker parts of life so you can learn from them and appreciate the light in your life! 

If the inevitable you are avoiding involves pain, heartache, or a big change, this reversed card is telling you it is time to face it. While avoiding it can seem like the better option, you need to confront it so you can move on and enjoy a new beginning.

We know it is hard to do, but trust us, you will feel better after it! 

If you have experienced your Tower event, then the reversed card suggests it is not wise to try and rebuild what you had. Instead, you should focus on seeking something new and better to replace what you lost. What you lost was destroyed for a reason, remember that. 

The reversed Tower Tarot card can also suggest that you are holding onto people in your life that are no longer supporting you as they should. It can be hard, but letting go of them is best. It makes space for new people that will support you correctly to enter your life! 

Now that we have looked at the general meanings of the reversed Tower Tarot card, let’s move on to look in closer detail at some of the meanings of the card! 


Health-wise, the reversed Tower card can mean you are ignoring a warning sign of an illness or an illness. You might be hoping the issue resolves itself, but this is not the best method. Instead, you should face this head-on and seek medical help to increase your chances of recovery. 

You might also have a health scare that could not be serious, averting disaster! No matter the situation, burying your head in the sand is not going to help. Seek medical advice to find out the severity of your illness now. 

Love And Relationships

The reversed Tower Tarot card can suggest that you know your relationship is over but aren’t ending it as you know it will be painful. Thinking that papering over the wounds is better than dealing with your true emotions is not going to get you far.

When you see this card, it is time to face facts.

Holding onto a broken relationship is preventing you (and your partner) from finding the right relationship that makes both of you happy. 

If your relationship has recently gone through a Tower event and is different but intact, the card is telling you not to try and return the relationship to how it used to be.

Instead, accept that the relationship has changed because it needed to change. Consider whether this new version is a relationship you want to be in or not. 

If you are single, the reversed Tower card suggests you have avoided a relationship with someone that was possibly violent, abusive, or dangerous. It can also suggest you are avoiding dealing with a painful or traumatic relationship.

While this approach can seem easier, it is preventing you from moving on! 

You need to spend some time grieving for your lost relationship, reflecting on what you have learned from it, and draw a line under it. Leave the relationship in the past and you can move on in your life to find happiness in another relationship.  

Money And Career 

Career-wise, the reversed Tower Tarot card suggests you are holding onto your job in tricky circumstances. You might be successfully avoiding a job loss!

However, if you perceive avoiding this career disaster as a negative experience, and you feel unhappy rather than relieved, it’s worth considering that this outcome might not be the best one for you. 

Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is the best thing you can do for yourself! It can be hard to do, but you could find yourself doing amazing things you never would have thought about before.

Financially, the card suggests you are avoiding a financial disaster, but it doesn’t mean you should! It is worth considering allowing the negative event to happen so you can deal with it. Only by dealing with it can you move forward, rather than continuing to struggle. 

For example, losing your job is scary and incredibly stressful, but it can be the motivation to start the business you have been putting off. Similarly, if you are struggling to pay your mortgage, walking away and renting could make you happier! It’s about finding what works for you and your bank balance here. 


Spiritually, the reversed card suggests you recognize that old beliefs you had are false, but are finding it hard to let them go. Perhaps without these beliefs, you aren’t sure what to believe in.

Or you might be worried about the backlash you could face by letting these beliefs go, especially if your friends or family still hold these beliefs. 

But, you need to face the truth. These beliefs no longer serve you and you should let them go. Doing so will help you move forward and find your spiritual path. It can be difficult, but will greatly benefit you in the long run. 

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, all the possible meanings the Tower Tarot card can have! We know that the Tower card isn’t extremely positive, but you can work through the tough times and emerge with a more solid foundation and a better understanding of who you are and what you want. 

Remember that trying to prevent destructive events or big changes that are coming your way will not work. Sure, you could avoid some dangerous situations by prioritizing your safety, but let the inevitable happen.

It will hurt at the start, but after the pain will come a new period of renewal and brightness. Let the thought of better days to come guide you through the darkness. 

Don’t forget to seek professional help if you have any concerns about your physical or mental health during these periods too! The earlier you seek help, the more likely you are to fully recover without any long-term issues. 

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