Are Pisces Men and Libra Women Compatible – Will a Relationship Work?

A lot of couples can go the long distance because they are different from one another. Often, differences allow long-term relationships to work because they keep the relationship alive. When two individuals are similar, it is easy to fall into a rut, and grow bored. But when two individuals are different, it can help ignite passion. 

That being said, some relationships can work out between two individuals that are very similar to one another. One partnership where this is often the case is the relationship between a Pisces man and a Libra woman. 

In this guide, we’re taking a look at the compatibility of these two individuals in order to assess what makes a relationship between these two work. 

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Things Pisces Men Like About Libra Women

First things first, let’s take a look at some of the things that the Pisces man likes best about the Libra woman.

Their Ability to Communicate

One of the things that the Pisces man loves most about the Libra woman is her ability to communicate. Libras are very talented conversationalists, and this really helps them as a couple. 

Pisces tend to naturally be quite shy, and this can cause them to become nervous in social situations. They may struggle to strike up conversations with those around them simply because they are quite shy and lack the social skills to do this. But the Libra woman will easily be able to strike up a conversation with anyone about anything, and this really helps the Pisces man grow more confident. 

Through their relationship, the Pisces man will feel himself coming out of his shell and becoming better in social events. So, he really likes that the Libra woman will help him grow.

Their Balance

Libras are very balanced individuals, and this is why their zodiac is represented by the symbol of a scale. The Pisces man really likes how balanced the Libra woman is. 

Pisces are naturally very calm individuals and they don’t seek conflict. Libras are very conflict and risk-averse, so this makes them very peaceful individuals to be around. The Libra will always be very balanced, so you always know what you’re getting with a Libra, and that is what the Pisces man loves. 

The Pisces man feels at ease around the Libra woman because of how balanced she is. That is why he likes her so much. 

Their Wider View

Finally, the Pisces man really likes the fact that the Libra woman is always able to look at the bigger picture. 

Unlike other individuals, the Libra woman never allows herself to be caught up in a situation – she always looks at the bigger picture. So if something doesn’t seem to be going right at the moment, she can take a step back and look at it in the context of the wider picture. This keeps her very level-headed and allows her to stay fairly positive in day-to-day life. 

The Pisces man loves that the Libra woman will look at the wider picture and that this trait makes her very grounded – this is very attractive to him. 

Things Pisces Men Dislike About Libra Women

There are also some things that the Pisces man dislikes about the Libra woman, including the following.

Their Indecisiveness

One of the biggest issues that any zodiac sign has with Libras is their inability to make a decision. This is something that the Pisces man also struggles with. 

The Libra woman will be a people-pleaser, and this will prevent her from ever being able to make a decision and stick to it. She will constantly change her mind in a bid to make everybody happy. 

This frustrates the Pisces, and it is one thing that he really dislikes about the Libra woman. 

Their Aversion to Conflict

The Pisces man will also struggle with the fact that the Libra woman is very averse to conflict. 

The Pisces man himself is not a confrontational person. However, he will stand up for what he believes in and is happy to argue when necessary. In contrast, the Libra woman will almost always shy away from conflict, and this can sometimes make her seem like a weak individual. 

The Pisces man simply wishes that the Libra woman would stand up for what she believes in, and be happy to fight for those beliefs from time to time. 

Their Lack of Spontaneity

Finally, the Pisces man struggles with the fact that the Libra woman isn’t particularly spontaneous.

Early in their lives, Libras are happy to take part in adventures. But, they will always have a life plan, and this life plan will prevent them from being adventurous later in life. Once they have traveled, they will want to settle down and start a family, and this does prevent them from being spontaneous. 

The Pisces man craves adventure and enjoyment in life, and the fact that the Libra woman isn’t particularly spontaneous really can hold them back. That is why this is something that the Pisces man doesn’t particularly like about the Libra woman. 

Things Libra Women Like About Pisces Men

Moving on, let’s take a look at some of the things that the Libra woman likes most about the Pisces man.

Their Security

One of the things that the Libra woman likes most about the Pisces man is the fact that he makes her feel incredibly secure. 

Libras are naturally hesitant to trust those around them, and this can make them very clingy partners. But the Pisces man is naturally very faithful, and this is something that the Libra woman will easily be able to pick up from the way he treats her.

He makes her feel secure in the relationship, and that really allows her to trust him. This is why she really likes the security he brings to the relationship.

Their Sensitivity

Something else that the Libra woman likes about the Pisces man is that he is incredibly sensitive. 

Libras themselves are generally very sensitive individuals and that is why they are drawn to the Pisces man. Instead of seeing his sensitivity as a negative, the Libra woman sees it as a positive because it will really allow them to bond as a couple. 

Both of these individuals will treat one another with kindness and care, and this works really well because of how sensitive both parties are.

Their Peaceful Attitude 

Finally, the Libra woman really likes the peaceful attitude of the Pisces man. She hates conflict, and that is unlikely to happen when the Pisces man is around. 

The Pisces man is very peaceful. While he isn’t balanced, like the Libra woman, he is a calm individual and he doesn’t really like drama. He tends to steer clear of conflict and doesn’t enjoy being around people who like a lot of fuss. This perfectly complements the Libra woman. 

Both of these individuals are very calm and peaceful, and these shared traits can help them to lead a happy life as a couple.

Things Libra Women Dislike About Pisces Men

There are also some things that the Libra woman dislikes about the Pisces man, including the following. 

Their Mood Swings

One of the things that the Libra woman dislikes most about the Pisces man is that he does sometimes have mood swings. 

The Libra woman seeks balance in life, and this balance can be knocked down by the mood swings of the Pisces man. When he gets upset, his mood tends to switch harshly between different emotions, and this can leave the Libra woman feeling a little lost.

The mood swings of the Pisces man throw her life off balance and this is something that she dislikes.

Their Inconsistent Nature

Another thing that the Libra woman dislikes about the Pisces man is that they can sometimes be inconsistent. 

Unlike the Libra woman, the Pisces man will not be a perfectly balanced individual. He doesn’t strive for balance in his life, and so he is happy for his life to be a little hectic from time to time. This is something that the Libra woman really dislikes as the imbalance will cause her stress. 

For the most part, this will not impact their relationship as the inconsistency only happens occasionally. However, when it does happen it can really be a struggle for the Libra woman.

Their Emotions

Finally, the Libra woman can sometimes struggle with the intense emotions of the Pisces man. 

Libras are emotional individuals, but they always have control of their emotions. Pisces are also very emotional individuals, but they can sometimes lose control of their emotions, and this can make them intense individuals. When their emotions become intense, this is something that the Libra woman struggles with. 

The Pisces man can sometimes allow himself to be controlled by his emotions, and this completely contrasts with the fact that the Libra woman will always be in control of her emotions. That is why the Pisces’ emotions are something that the Libra struggles with.

Pisces Men and Libra Women: Sexual Chemistry

Score: 6/10

Regarding sexual chemistry, the Pisces man and Libra woman are fairly average. While these two will have an enjoyable sex life, sparks don’t necessarily fly between them, and that is mainly because they aren’t the most compatible sexually. 

The Libra woman will be very talented in the bedroom as this is one of Libra’s best talents. Their sexual talents will ensure that the sex life of the Pisces man and Libra woman is enjoyable. However, as they do not share the same sexual preferences, their chemistry will not be off the scale. 

For the Pisces man and the Libra woman, the sex will be enjoyable. However, they will mainly see it as a way for them to bond as a couple, rather than a way for either of them to seek sexual pleasure. So while they won’t have the best sexual chemistry in terms of sparks, they will both enjoy the ability to bond as a couple through this activity. 

Pisces Men and Libra Women: Relationship Score

Score: 7/10

The Pisces man and the Libra woman can build a relationship together that really can go the long distance. There are lots of areas where these zodiac signs are similar to one another and this can build the foundations for a strong relationship between the two. 

The sensitivity of the Pisces is perfectly matched by the sweet and caring nature of the Libra. The faithfulness of the Pisces will make the Libra trust them and calm the naturally distrustful nature of the Libra. Plus, the fact that both of these zodiac signs are hopeless romantics really helps their relationship grow stronger. 

Both of these individuals will make their partner the center of their universe, and this allows them to form a strong relationship as a couple. As long as they are willing to put their small amount of differences aside, these two could lead very happy lives together in a relationship that has the potential to last for a very long time. 


In short, the Pisces man and Libra woman have a lot of traits that are very similar to one another. Instead of this causing their relationship to become boring, it actually causes their relationship to be harmonious – allowing them to lead a happy and peaceful life together. 

There are some areas where these two zodiac signs will clash, but most of the time they will be able to work through these small issues to build a strong and sturdy relationship together. Their sexual chemistry isn’t as intense as some of the other zodiac pairings. However, they will still enjoy their time in the bedroom together. 

Ultimately, this pairing works because the Libra craves balance, and the Pisces can offer this. Together they can lead a balanced and happy life, and with a little work, this relationship can last for a long time. 

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