The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

Have you recently had the Hierophant Tarot card in your reading and want to know what it means? Maybe you are unsure what the difference between the upright and reversed Hierophant card is and want more information.

Or are you curious and want to know more? No matter what your question is, we have the answer for you!

Finding out all the possible meanings of the Hierophant Tarot card can be tricky. Online or at a reading, there are plenty of contradicting meanings that leave you frustrated and overwhelmed, unsure where to turn and who to trust. 

Well, no more! Today, we are here with the answers you need! Keep reading to find out all the possible meanings of the Hierophant Tarot card to help you better understand your reading. 

Upright Hierophant Tarot Card General Meaning 

Let’s start with the general meaning of the upright Hierophant Tarot card! The card represents traditional institutions and values. It represents a mentor or counselor who provides you with guidance and wisdom. It can also be a spiritual advisor with a religious background. 

The card also suggests you are dealing with someone set in their ways. The Hierophant card represents medical, economic, political, religious, family, social, or social welfare institutions.

The card suggests it’s time to conform to convention or tradition. Now is not the time to be controversial or rock the boat. 

The upright Hierophant suggests you will take part in a traditional ceremony or start to create your own traditions. 

Now that we have looked at the general meaning of the card, let’s dive in to look at its meanings in closer detail!


Health-wise, the card suggests conventional medicine might be the best solution for your illness. You should also look to introduce a health routine like exercise or taking supplements to help boost your immune system.

If you have any concerns about this or your health, be sure to seek professional help.

Love And Relationships

The Hierophant suggests that marriage and commitment are in your future! Your current relationship will become more committed and move towards new milestones.

It also suggests you and your partner share the same goals and values. Generally, it is a good card to receive if you are in a relationship!

If you are single, the card suggests a new relationship is on its way! This relationship will be built on security, love, and commitment. 

Money And Career 

Now is the time to get involved with a group project! Do what is expected of you here and avoid using any unconventional methods at work to ensure success.

The card also suggests sharing knowledge, you might become a teacher or a mentor to others. You might also find someone in your life who becomes a teacher or mentors you. 

Now is also a good time to start studying at an established educational institution if that is one of your goals. 

Money-wise, the card suggests it is a good time to get involved with low-risk, conventional investments. You should also use conventional methods to manage your money and seek advice from traditional financial institutions when needed.


The Hierophant is an extremely spiritual card that is the link between the Higher Power and mankind. The card can suggest a spiritual advisor might be entering your life to help you on your spiritual journey.

The card is often associated with traditional religious practice. If you don’t follow traditional religion, the card can suggest you will benefit from a ritual ceremony as part of your practice. 

Reversed Hierophant General Meaning 

The reversed Hierophant card has a slightly different meaning, so let’s look at its general meaning! 

The card suggests that it’s time to break convention or any traditions. It might be time to change social, traditional, or rigid traditions or norms. This might be lost on those close to you and they might even be against these changes, but you must be true to yourself and do what you think is right. Now is the time to think for yourself! 

The Hierophant card also suggests a conflict with a person of authority in your personal or professional life. 

The card also suggests an unconventional way of living or an alternative lifestyle. It can also suggest you are clinging to old ways, despite the negative impact they have on your life! You might also have feelings of shame and guilt when you behave differently to the values you were brought up with. 

When you see this card, it is important to learn to live by your own rules and still listen to your conscience. This is the only way to free yourself from oppression! Doing so will open your mind and help you broaden your horizons in ways you didn’t realize possible. 

Now that we have looked at the general meanings, let’s dive into looking at them in closer detail!


Health-wise, the reversed Hierophant suggests it might be a good time to explore holistic or alternative therapies to treat your illness. These could be an excellent benefit to you. Now is the time not to be too rigid when it comes to exercise and health routines. 

Instead, it is time to mix things up! Why not try a new exercise class or routine? Anything that pushes you out of your comfort zone could be a good thing here! 

Love And Relationships 

The reversed Hierophant suggests a desire for or having an unconventional relationship. This could be you deciding not to marry, or a reversal of traditional gender roles in your current relationship. 

The card can also suggest that you and your partner aren’t on the same page in terms of beliefs and goals. You must discuss these with an open mind to avoid any insecurities or conflicts in your relationship. 

It is important to understand the other person’s point of view here and work towards a compromise that will keep you both happy and not push either one of you too far out of your comfort zone. 

Money And Career 

The reversed Hierophant Tarot card can be a sign that a boss or someone with authority is forcing others to conform to their method of working or being a stickler for the rules. It’s worth toeing the line here if they outrank you to avoid any hostility. This environment will likely feel restrictive, so make sure you prepare for that. 

The card can also suggest there is a group project where you feel pressured to go along with the consensus, even if it goes against your personal beliefs. There might also be a mentor or teacher that you feel you need to challenge. 


The reversed Tarot card suggests you need to let go of any traditional beliefs that aren’t serving you anymore. Now is the time to explore different spiritual paths to find one that is right for you. 

It’s worth remembering you don’t need to follow traditional beliefs to be a spiritual person! 

The card can also suggest a respected person or position of authority has been caught in a scandal or disgraced. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, all the possible meanings of the upright and reversed Hierophant Tarot card. Whether you are looking to begin new traditions or a new spiritual path to explore, it’s a fine card to have in your reading. Just be sure to consider all the possible meanings before you make any life changes as a result of seeing the card!

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