The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

Have you had the Empress Tarot card in your reading and don’t know what it means? Maybe you were given a meaning but want to know if there is another interpretation.

Figuring out what the Empress Tarot card means can be tricky, especially if you have not had the card before. You head online for some guidance and advice but are met with conflicting advice that leaves you unsure where to turn or who to trust. You wonder if you will ever decipher the meanings in your card. 

Whether the Empress card is upright or reversed, below you will find out all its possible meanings. 

The Upright Empress Tarot Card General Meaning 

Let’s dive straight in and start with a general meaning! Generally, the upright Empress card is the card of motherhood and femininity.

It is one of the strongest pregnancy cards you can get in a Tarot reading too! If you are a mother, the card suggests you will find fulfillment and come into your own.

As a father, the card suggests you should work on your communication with your children and show your nurturing side. 

If you aren’t a parent, the card suggests that you should embrace your softer side. Now is the time to explore your emotions and listen to your intuition. People in need of nurturing, compassion, and empathy will be drawn to you as you can provide them with the comfort and support they need. 

Now that we have looked at the general meaning of the card, let’s move on to look at the meanings in closer detail. 


The Empress card is a strong indicator of pregnancy. If you are actively trying for a baby, this card is a good omen to see! 

Alternatively, if you do not want to get pregnant (but are physically able to do so), you need to be extra careful! You will want to take all the necessary precautions to avoid a surprise! 

If pregnancy isn’t a health concern, the Empress card suggests you need to nurture yourself and listen to what your body is telling you. Keep an eye on your energy levels and take time for yourself to relax when you need it. 

Love And Relationships

The Empress card is a positive card to get! It is an indicator of committed relationships becoming deeper! You can expect more love and affection in your relationship!

The Empress Tarot card is also an indicator of good sex!

If you are enjoying this bonus of the card, remember it is a strong pregnancy indicator! If you are not ready for the adventure of parenthood, take the necessary precautions!

If you are single, the card suggests that love and romance are on their way to you! Get ready!

Money And Career

Career-wise, the Empress card suggests you are feeling creative and that you will inspire those around you! If you are considering changing careers or deciding on your career, the card suggests you would find success in a creative field like the Arts. 

Financially, the card suggests now is a good time for cash flow.

It also suggests you should follow your intuition when it comes to investments. While you enjoy the extra cash, remember to share your wealth with those that need it. 


The Empress Tarot card suggests you need to slow down and take time to listen to what your intuition is telling you. Your instincts will be correct here, so now is the time to continue or start your spiritual journey.

At this time, you will find it easier to connect to your higher power.

Everything will flow for you! The card also suggests you should nurture your creative and spiritual gifts to connect with Mother Earth. 

The Reversed Empress Tarot Card General Meaning 

The reversed Empress card has a slightly different meaning, so let’s take a look at what the card can mean now! Generally, the card suggests you should embrace your feminine qualities, regardless of your sex.

You might have been suppressing or neglecting your feminine side, but now is the time to embrace it! Doing so will bring your feminine and masculine energies into balance. 

The reversed Empress also suggests you might be focusing on the mental and material aspects of life too much and neglecting the spiritual and emotional sides. This disharmony can take many forms.

You might be putting others’ needs before yours, you might be emotionally overwhelmed and neglecting those that matter to you, or you might feel unattractive and be low in self-confidence. 

To rectify this, you need to shift your focus. It is time to ground yourself and correct the balance, bringing harmony to your life. 

The Empress card also suggests empty-nest syndrome if you have adult children. There could also be mother issues that are affecting you. 

Now that we have looked at the general meaning of the reversed Empress Tarot card, let’s move on to look at these meanings in closer detail. 


Health-wise, the reversed Empress card suggests you need to look after your health to help deal with your emotions. Binge eating, lethargy, laziness, and apathy, are no good for your mind or body!

Exercising and completing activities you enjoy will make your body and mind feel far better! 

The Empress’ card also suggests pregnancy issues or infertility. There might be an unwanted pregnancy, a miscarriage, termination, or difficult pregnancy in the future. The supporting cards in your reading will help you decipher the meaning better. 

Love And Relationships

The reversed Empress card suggests you are suppressing your emotions to keep your relationship in balance. This could come from a fear of rejection or a negative reaction if you express your emotions.

Take time here to work out what you are suppressing your emotions. 

Be mindful here as you don’t want to become overbearing to those around you. This can be a symptom of any insecurities you have. By shifting the focus back to yourself, you can stop this.

Trust your intuition here and it will guide you back to your confident and beautiful self! 

If you are single, the Empress card suggests you have several potential partners interested, but they aren’t necessarily the person you want. Or they might be looking for someone that isn’t necessarily who you are.

Don’t try to change yourself to suit their ideals. It is better to wait it out and find someone that wants you for you and vice versa! 

Money And Career

Career-wise, the reversed Empress suggests you are finding work monotonous or unfulfilling. You might want to do something more creative where you feel inspired. You might also feel unappreciated in your role. 

Although you feel this way, it might not be a true reflection of the situation. Do not simply react and make a huge career decision. Stop and wait until you feel ready to take the plunge!

Take your time here and work out why you are feeling this way and how you can solve it. 

Financially, you might not feel it, but you have enough money!

As long as you make responsible choices, you will have financial security. Trust your budget and it will not lead you wrong. 


The reversed Empress suggests you have disconnected from your intuition. This is having an impact on other aspects of your life. You will need to reconnect with your spiritual path to get out of your current slump.

Spiritual females can provide you with guidance and wisdom here. Make sure you listen to their wisdom and the wisdom of mother figures in your life. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, all the possible meanings of the Empress Tarot card! This positive card can provide you with the encouragement you need to be more open with your feelings and explore your femininity more.

Why not spend some time doing so to see the impact it can have?

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