The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

Have you recently seen the Chariot Tarot card in your reading and don’t know what it means? Maybe you were given a meaning but you want to know what else the card could mean? Or are you curious and want to know more?

Keep reading to find out all the possible meanings of the upright and reversed Chariot Tarot card. We also have some tips on how you can use the reading to make changes in your life too, check them out below now!

The Upright Chariot Tarot Card General Meaning 

Let’s start with the general meaning of the Chariot Tarot card! Generally, the card represents focus, determination, and willpower that help you to overcome obstacles.

This card suggests you are feeling ambitious, in control, and motivated. Now is the time to pursue what you want in life! 

The Chariot card suggests there might be obstacles in your path. But providing you keep your composure, remain focused, and be confident, you will have success! The card also suggests travel, as the Chariot is a mode of transportation! Usually, it represents driving.

It also indicates you are acting aggressively or defensively to hide any emotional vulnerability you feel. You might feel as if you are in a battle. Don’t worry! Keep focused and success will find you. 

The Chariot Tarot card suggests success in competitions or sports too. You will also find a balance between the mind and heart. Now is the time to put aside worries and keep focused. 

Now that we have established the meaning of the upright Chariot card, let’s move on to look at the card and its meanings in closer detail.


The Chariot card suggests you have a new burst of energy and motivation that will help you to overcome any health issues you might be having. There is still a road ahead to recovery, but if you remain strong, you can overcome these challenges. 

The card also suggests issues with your digestive system. It also indicates that now is a good time to start an exercise routine.

Love And Relationships

To have successful relationships, the card suggests you need to tackle any emotions you are having. If you and your partner are having a rough patch, you need to communicate and be united as a team.

Working through your issues and any challenges you face can help you and your partner emerge stronger. 

If either of you suffers from anxiety, it is time to get these under control. You need to balance your mind and heart for success. This can be challenging, and you might want to seek professional help and support here. 

If your partner uses logic to protect their feelings, now is the time to break through that barrier! You need to share your feelings and be vulnerable with one another for your relationship to work. 

If you are single, the Chariot Tarot card suggests your last relationship has left you drained. You can overcome this and the pain it caused you, though, allowing you to move forward in your life and find happiness. 

Money And Career

Career-wise, the Chariot card suggests you will feel motivated and ambitious. If you have had issues with work colleagues sabotaging you, it is time to put your worries to one side. Instead, continue working hard and keep your cool.

If you feel stuck in your career or have been sob-seeking, now is the time to chase the job you want! You are likely to achieve your goals and beat any competition you have!

The card also represents traveling for work. 

Financially, the Chariot card is a good omen, showing you overcoming obstacles. If you have been dealing with a financial challenge, now is the time to tackle it! The card also suggests a big purchase related to travel or transportation such as a car or a holiday. 


The Chariot Tarot card suggests the beginning of a spiritual journey. This journey won’t always be easy, but you are ready for these hurdles and where the journey will take you!

Keep focused and don’t be afraid to try new experiences. Doing so will have benefits for you to enjoy! 

The Reversed Chariot Tarot Card General Meaning

The reversed Chariot Tarot card has a slightly different meaning, so let’s take a look at what it can mean now! Generally, the card suggests you are lacking direction and feeling powerless. Now is the time to take control of your destiny and not let any external forces determine your path! 

The reversed Chariot suggests you are still moving, but you have let go of the reins, losing control. You need to regain your determination and drive to become in charge of your destiny, rather than a passenger in your own life!

Spend some time to consider what steps you need to take to regain control. 

You might feel unconfident, powerless, or put upon by others which can cause frustration and rage! If people in your life are demanding or needy then you need to take back your power!

Be clear about the time and resources you are willing to give to others and stick to it. Boundaries will help you regain control.

Now that we have looked at the general meaning of the card, let’s move on to see what the card means in closer detail! 


Health-wise, the reversed Chariot card suggests a burst of energy and motivation. But you will want to pace yourself and avoid rushing into things! It’s better to start slow, especially with a new exercise regime to prevent injuring yourself. 

Love And Relationships

The reversed Chariot Tarot card is telling you to slow down! If things are not progressing as fast as you want in your relationship, you need to have some patience.

Remember that things will progress in their own time and that forcing things never ends well.

It can cause unnecessary pressure on your relationship, which can be disastrous! 

Alternatively, you might feel pressured to move your relationship forward and you aren’t ready. Do not allow yourself to be coerced here. Instead, take some time to consider what you want from your relationship. Make this clear to your partner and be sure to set boundaries. 

If you are single, the reversed Chariot also suggests not rushing things. Instead, take time to enjoy the exciting parts of a new relationship. Use the time to get to know your partner without any added pressure. It isn’t easy, but letting things evolve at their own pace is a good approach. 

Money And Career

Career-wise, the reversed Chariot suggests you are motivated, but trying to do too much too soon! It is better to work towards your goals in small steps than trying to rush to reach the final point.

Moving too quickly can lead to failure, which nobody wants! 

Make sure you take a step back to evaluate any obstacles in your way. Create a plan for a gentle approach to achieving your goals that is more manageable. 

Financially, the card suggests you should not rush into any financial deals or investments before considering them carefully. You need to have all the information beforehand and solid financial advice before you commit. 


Spiritually, the reversed Chariot suggests that you are ready for a spiritual journey. Take care not to become too focused on the journey that you forget to experience it! You also don’t want to close yourself off to the unexpected.

These unexpected paths can bring us more joy and a stronger spiritual connection than the path we were on, so make sure to keep your mind and heart open! 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, all the possible meanings of the Chariot Tarot card! Whether the card is upright or reversed, you can expect energy and enthusiasm coming your way, just be sure you spend this energy wisely. 

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